Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery - before and after

For the famous Robin McGraw who has undergone several procedures, her stories are a hot topic in all media. She is a famous singer, speaker actress and author who is known for some best-selling novels such as Inside My Heart and From My Heart to Yours. She is also a wife of a renowned author and a host of the popular show Dr. Phil.

Her plastic surgery rumors have reached her of which she has gone ahead to deny. No one is ready to listen and believe her justifications as her before and after photos have exposed her unnatural look.

Though her previous surgeries had some good success results, the current surgery went the wrong way. Looking at what has changed from good to bad, the following procedures seem to have been carried by inexperienced hands.

Robin McGraw
Surgeries Botox injections, Boob job and Nose job
Age Born on 28th of December 1953
BMI 19.5
LBM 88.18 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.05345
Weight 143.3 lb
Height 4 ft, 12 in
Waist 24 in
Bra 36B
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery

Robin McGraw Facelift and Botox Injections

  • She has less wrinkles after her Facelift and Botox shots
  • Significantly reduced her forehead lines
  • Robin McGraw has less drooping brow after surgery
  • She definitely has less wrinkles around her eyes corners
  • Less wrinkles between Robin McGraw brows
  • Her lips are slightly upward
  • Robin McGraw chin looks smoother in her after surgery pictures
  • Less saggy skin around Robin’s neck

Robin McGraw is not new to these procedures, she had done facelift and Botox Injections earlier for the new readers. Her face attracts a waxy look which is very unnatural. An American lady at the age of 63 is still wrinkle-free. This is a questionable look and her facials look a bit stiffened like that of a scarecrow.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery (2)

The saddening part is the current misshaped face that is not a beautiful one to look at. Most people’s opinion prefers her earlier face which was well done and attractive. Only a botched plastic surgery would result in such a look. Unfortunately, the reversal can be worse and she will be forced to stick to this look. The Botox injections will obviously maintain its work to give her a youthful look.

Robin McGraw Nose job

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery (3)

When Robin McGraw decided that her nose was not a good fit for her face, she dialed the nose job service. This was equally a bad decision because her previous nose seems to suit her face very well.

It suited her beauty but no one was around her to convince her to stop this. Her nose has a wider bridge and a little bit base which she has now replaced with a thinner higher nose. It could be better if she stuck to her earlier nose shape although it doesn’t appear to have been badly done as other procedures she had.

Robin McGraw Boob job

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery (4)

She was sensitive to her chest area too. This is usually obvious for all aging celebs. Breast augmentation also popular as breast job in the marketplace, involves increasing the size by either using breast implants or fat transfer.

Robin McGraw decided to add the size of her breasts as it seems she was not satisfied with the way they were. Her boob job was something obvious to spot when looking at her before and after photos. They are unexpectedly firmer and unnaturally rounder for a woman of her age.

Luckily, the new breast size seems to add some good figure to her general body. She actually looks good.

Generally, Robin McGraw latest surgery seems to be making her look worse than improve and make her better. This is the main reason her rumors are spreading like a fire in a grass house.


  • She looks like my daughter’s plastic doll. She was not supposed to go for the nose job. Poor her. Does she have friends?

  • Surely, can the face be reversed? She is my favorite author and wouldn’t expect this look.Some haters just spoiled her look. What did she do to deserve this?

  • The woman still looks great despite the waxy look. This won’t change her brains. She is still the best writer I know in the market. Looks don’t mean anything to me. Hello Robin

  • I was browsing through the web and can’t believe this is the current look of Robin MacGraw. She looks all plastic and wouldn’t go for such procedures. She should have her money returned for the facelift procedure.

  • Whatever is done is done. But I can’t believe she is selling her skin care on the show and other places claiming that is what helps her look good. She has had a lot of work done on her face . Its NOT her beauty products that did that.

    • I tune into a program dealing with MENTAL HEALTH, period. When the li’l mrs starts marketing ($Oh, Phillip, ME, too$) something like selling some SKIN CARE or another and denies ever having gone under the knife… me thinks, like Dr. Phil always says,”Somebody’s lying here…” PLUS “I can never get that time back,” so i leave the program everytime the “li’l mrs malarkey” starts. I suggest Robin look into getting her very own infomercial gig on. Now become independent there, little missy.

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