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Brandi Passante is a symbol of beauty in all manner. She is popular as a result of the talk of the town show by the name Storage Wars. This is a reality show on the A&E. The lawsuit filed by star Dave Hester in sighted the fans what Brandi’s intention for plastic surgery was.

He said it was all intended to make the show have more fans because of her sexy look. Whether this is true or not, Brandi Passante has always stolen glances and served men an eye candy as they move from one storage unit to another with her husband Jared.

She is full of beauty and while on the show, you can always see all these. The fans keep wondering whether she had to go to any heights to have the beauty or could it be natural.

As usual, her full-length photos are presented to you to make your visual wise judgment. By the look of things from her before and after photos, it is evidence that some plastic surgeons had some work done on her. Could she have acquired some Botox injections and boobs job?

Boob Job

For a beauty like Brandi Passante who would have liked to improve her sexy look, boobs must have been part of the focus. She initially appeared on the show with small boobs which are now enlarged. She must have bought some plastic surgery for herself from the fortune she gets from the storage unit.

No celebrity wouldn’t risk this procedure as it has happened more than a thousand times in celebs’ history. This guarantees anyone who wants to undergo boobs job procedure an assurance of a clean job without mistakes.

Brandi looks pretty and sexy in her new boobs and the fans are liking it.

BOTOX injections.

The injections are usually meant to keep the skin glowing with youthfulness even when years pass by. Brandi Passante is not as old as such but she is guessed to have gone for this service too.

This is because her face looks flawless and baby-like than before. She might have done this to avoid the ugly lines that may form around her mouth and eyes. It is good to be prepared for the future and to be cautious too. Isn’t?

The star still remains young and very attractive. Her fans are still confused if these surgeries were real or simply she has the good genes.

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  1. Waoh I agree women can go to all heights for beauty. What a sexy look? In fact, this works for her and her show too. I am your fan forever.

  2. There is one thing I wonder, why do celebrities go for plastic surgery? We can forget your age lmao

  3. Looking awesome. I would go the same route at your age for beauty and young look. What an idea. Haters won’t like it

  4. Seriously, this is not expected for an old woman. I am confused. Wrong decision. oops I can’t imagine stiff boobs for an oldy

  5. Whatever your heart goes for, run after it.

  6. I still remember her show with a smile. Unfortunately, I am nowhere close to watch her. Is it still on? Can i find it on youtube? love You P

  7. Crazy looking sweet as lollipop…I am not surprised she did it..This the current trend. Why should she be left behind?

  8. This article is rubbish, she has always had large breasts and they look pretty real.

  9. bob her nobs says:

    jarrod treats her mean he should appreate what hes got shes fine any man would be honored to stand beside her anytime

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