What Kind Of Cases Does A Securities Litigation Lawyer Handle?

If you are an investor who has experienced a financial loss due to the actions of another party, you may have a case for securities litigation. This type of legal action can help recoup losses and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. But what exactly is securities litigation? What types of cases can be handled by a securities litigation lawyer? Let’s dive into it.

Misrepresentation or Omissions

It is illegal for companies or individuals to make misrepresentations or omit material facts when recommending or selling investments. A securities lawyer can bring legal action against any parties involved in the misrepresentation or omission.

Insider Trading

When someone uses confidential information to buy or sell stocks, that is considered insider trading and is illegal under federal and state laws. Securities litigation lawyers can help investors identify insider trading and take legal action against those responsible.

Fraudulent Scheme

Fraudulent schemes are acts of deception designed to steal money from investors. Examples include pump-and-dump schemes and other investment scams. Securities litigation lawyers can investigate these cases and pursue justice on behalf of the victims of fraud.


This occurs when an unsuitable product is recommended or sold to an investor without properly disclosing risks associated with the product or transaction. Securities litigation lawyers can assess the situation and determine whether this type of case holds up in court.


In churning cases, a broker recommends frequent trades without regard for the client’s best interests to generate more commissions for themselves rather than benefit the client’s portfolio performance. Securities litigation lawyers can investigate these cases and represent investors who feel they were taken advantage of by their broker’s churning activities.

Broker Negligence

Suppose a broker fails to protect their client’s assets adequately, provide accurate advice, execute orders incorrectly, or commit other negligent acts. In that case, securities litigation lawyers should be consulted as soon as possible to recoup losses and hold them accountable for damages caused by their negligence.

Proxy Contests

Proxy contests occur when shareholders are asked to vote on corporate matters such as mergers and acquisitions, executive compensation, board composition, etc., but do not have access to all pertinent information required to make an informed decision on how they should vote on proxy issues before them.

This unfair situation can be remedied through representation by knowledgeable securities litigation lawyers who understand the complexities of proxy contests and will work hard on behalf of affected shareholders seeking relief from these scenarios.

When to Hire Securities Litigation Lawyers – In Conclusion

Securities litigation lawyers handle many cases related to investments gone wrong. No matter what kind of situation you find yourself in regarding your assets gone wrong, having a qualified securities litigation lawyer at your disposal will be invaluable in getting you back on track financially as well as holding any parties responsible accountable for their actions along the way that led you down this path. Set up a consultation to get started pursuing justice today. With just one call, you’ll have access to experienced attorneys ready to take your call and eager to answer questions about your case.


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