What Physical Therapist in Oklahoma City Are Doing To Help Patients Manage Back Pain

If you’re experiencing back pain, your doctor is likely to take a multi-pronged approach to addressing your condition. In addition to exploring surgical and medicinal options, he or she may also suggest that you visit a physical therapist for additional treatment. If this type of care is new to you, here’s what you need to know about working with an OKC physical therapy specialist to better manage your pain.

Types of Back Pain That Physical Therapists Treat

Whether your back pain is due to a sudden injury, an ongoing medical condition, or repeated misuse, physical therapy offers tools and practices to improve your pain and enhance your quality of life. Even issues that didn’t originate in your back can be positively impacted by working with a physical therapist. Arthritis, tension headaches, and pain felt in your neck, arms, and legs are often related to back problems, and all benefit from physical therapy treatment.

Excellent Back Strengthening Exercises

Staying active and stretching the muscles that support your back are critical components of your healing process. To that end, your physical therapist is likely to recommend activities and exercises tailored toward strengthening your back and core. Your therapist will prescribe a specific set of stretches, yoga poses, and other movements that are safe and effective for you to perform, helping you build strength in the muscles that support your back and spine.

Additional Treatment Options

While strengthening exercises are a key part of most back pain treatment regimens, you’ll have greater success in managing your condition by working with a physical therapy clinic that offers a wide array of care. Some of the therapies that are often incorporated into a back pain management plan include:

Manual Therapy – a form of hands-on care that often brings rapid pain relief through mobilization and manipulation of joints and muscles.

Dry Needling – a treatment that stimulates trigger points to aid in restoring normal function.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill – an innovative device that reduces impact-related injuries during rehabilitation to achieve quicker positive results.

Effective Personalized Treatment Plans

When it comes to managing back pain, it’s important to know that there is no single approach that works for every person and every condition. The benefit of consulting with an experienced professional is that he or she has the skills to develop a program tailor-made for you. Because well-trained physical therapists address all different types of back pain and have so many options for treating patient issues, working with one is the best way to ensure you receive effective personalized care to manage your specific pain issues.

Now that you know how this specialized type of treatment helps manage back pain, it’s time to search for “physical therapy near me” to find a partner on your path to healing. Choose a facility with fully licensed therapists, and check staff biographies and patient reviews so you’re confident that you’re in the right hands. Then schedule your first appointment and take your next step toward controlling and improving your back pain.

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