A Look At The TN Visa Employer Requirements

Are you an employer in the United States seeking to hire qualified professionals from Canada or Mexico for your business? With your overwhelming workload, the last thing you want when you find a qualified professional is to deal with immigration issues. This may make you reluctant to hire candidates that require any sponsorship.

However, unlike the complicated and often time-consuming employment-based green card, the TN Visa application process is speedy, and using this route, you can find qualified professionals readily available in Canada or Mexico for that open position you’ve got.  Let’s look at the TN Visa employer requirements for business entities in the U.S.

What is a TN visa?

A Trade National (TN) visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows qualified professionals from Canada and Mexico to work in the U.S. It gives qualified professionals three years to engage in professional business activities under an employer. The TN Visa is only reserved for Canadian and Mexican nationals and specific North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) professionals.

What are the TN visa employer requirements?

An employer who wishes to hire a TN professional has to meet various requirements. These include:

Need For A TN Professional

One of the TN visa employer requirements is that they must require a TN professional. This means that an employer must need a worker from Canada or Mexico. The open position must also fall under one of the approved TN professions, such as engineers, vets, accountants, or professors.

Show Documentation Of Qualification

Employers must present evidence that the candidate meets the specific requirements for the TN visa category. The qualifying candidate must have the relevant required license, education, or work experience to practice in the profession.

Extend A Job Offer Or Contract

Another one of the TN visa employer requirements is a job offer to engage in business at a professional level. The job must be one of the listed NAFTA professions, and the position offered should match the TN professional’s background. The job offer should outline details like:

  • Duties to be performed by the applicant
  • Purpose of entry
  • Length of stay anticipated
  • Remuneration agreement

Sponsor Qualified Professionals

The TN visa employer requirements state that employers who wish to hire Canadian or Mexican citizens have to sponsor qualified professionals for the TN visa. They must also request employment authorization on behalf of the TN professional.

What are the benefits of a TN visa?

The TN visa employer requirements are manageable even for the busiest employer. The main task of the employer is usually completing an employment letter, and with the help of an immigration lawyer, this can be particularly easy to craft.

The TN Visa application process is speedy, allowing employers to onboard qualified Canadian TN professionals immediately and within 15 days for Mexican TN professionals. The employer is also not required to pay any filing fees for a TN Visa, as with the H-1B visa category.

In Conclusion

Employment-based visa programs allow business entities to employ highly talented professionals. With the TN visa program, employers need to show they need a TN professional, provide qualification documentation, present an employment offer or contract and sponsor qualified TN professionals.

A TN visa allows entities to hire professionals from Mexico and Canada effortlessly and with minimal costs. As a business owner, it is best to work with an experienced immigration lawyer to ensure you meet the requirements of a TN visa application. They can also develop the best strategy for a fast, hassle-free process for you to acquire highly talented employees to help grow your business. 

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