Hilary Farr Plastic Surgery

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Hillary Far is a global house designer and the co-host of HGTV show called Love It or List it. She is a house designer and helps her fans fulfill their need by using her sense of style.

She was born on June 16th, 1962. At 54 years old she does not look close to her real age. Hillary Farr before and after photos automatically confirm she had a plastic surgery. It is noticeable she has undergone a facelift; her face appears lifted and looks more like it is plastic surgery. This concludes she had a number of facelifts to maintain her good looks.

Another procedure that confirms clearly is a nose job. You can tell so many plastic surgery procedures have destroyed her nose, which resembles a slender piece of plastic. If you observe keenly you will note her cheeks are full and pushed up way too far. This concludes she had Botox injections. It seems her plastic surgery was not successful and interfered with her natural beauty

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  1. Seems her plastic surgery was a mess and she looks awful. The bad news she continues having more procedures, ehich interfere with her face structure.

  2. Martin Okingo says:

    Does she feel comfortable after ruining her looks. She should consider no more surgeries to avoid making things worse. She should accept the mess has already done and its not reversible.

  3. Nderitu wa koigi says:

    You cannot interfere with God’s creation and expect your facelift to be perfect compared to our creator. Seek forgiveness and stop correcting God’s work.

    1. Oh PULEEZE. Keep your religion and personal beliefs to yourself!!!

  4. I feel sorry for her, but i believe she was trying to maintain her beauty, but things didn’t turn well. She should have checked her surgeons past plastic surgeries and confirm whether they were successful.

  5. Hilary Farr is beautiful either way, before and after surgery. Her beauty is not only on the outside but on the inside as well. It is difficult in this beauty obsessed world to have to face the camera and the public every day and not be judged on how good (or bad) you look. This happens with us everyday folks so imagine how stars must feel. They have to please the public, please the sponsors, please people who hire them to do their shows, and keep up with the competition and still feel good about themselves. Imagine what a stress that must be even on the most stable personality. I know mental health professionals will say we should all be looking within to find out why we are worried we are not good enough as we are. And I don’t disagree with them. But, in my opinion, even the most stable personality has worries about how they look. Couple that with all the above and there you have it. Society has to change it’s views on what makes a person beautiful. Until that happens we are all at the mercy of what others think of us and how much we let that affect our opinions of ourselves.

  6. I just saw a recent 2018 episode of love it or list it. She looks fantastic and anyone who says otherwise is being ridiculous. She is 66 after all. She looks 50. I’d say the procedure(s) were successful.

    1. Karen Kovacs says:

      She was born in 1962, so that makes her 56. She is beautiful and seems to be an intelligent and lovely person.

  7. Judy H Landers says:

    I think she is great no matter what! I always like her looks!!

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