Conan O’Brien Plastic Surgery

It is amazing how Conan O’Brien rose to fame at the young age of 20. He is a man of great reputation who was born on 18th April 1963 in the U.S.A, Brookline. During his school days, he was the President of the Harvard Lampoon while in university.

He was an active writer of the comedy series which was popularly known as Not Necessarily the News. This shaped his career as a TV producer, host, and a comedian. He is so great at what he does in that fans are still amazed at how he manages to keep himself presentable and never showing aging signs.

As usual, the most common allegations that are made to celebs who never show signs of aging are that they have undertaken some plastic surgeries here and there. Could it be true that Conan O’Brien had undergone the following procedures?

Conan O’Brien
Surgeries Facelift, Blepharoplasty and Botox shots
Age Born on 18th of April 1963
BMI 21.7
Body Fat
Weight 178 lb
Height 6 ft, 4 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue

Conan O’Brien Botox Shots

Conan O'Brien Plastic Surgery

Being an American television late night show host can very interesting depending on who is the host. If the person has a light way of looking at situations using unusual jokes, it is guaranteed that you will be glued to your TV set the whole time. Without your notice, the show will be over, and you will be thirsty for more.

Conan O’Brien is the type of host that keep you interested in the show. He is very talented and good looking too. He must have maintained the youthful look at his of 54 with some Botox Shots. If he can be compared to the men of his age, you will mistake him for a guy who is 30 years. Why? Because he has no aging wrinkles on his face, no aging folds and the skin looks very smooth.

This is only achievable after getting Botox service of which it looks like he was done very nicely and wisely. You can hardly notice as you can hardly guess his age. Although the keen fans are already noticing that he has some difficulty moving his face and he can not make expressive facials and his face, therefore, looks solid. This is the reason as to why the allegations come about that he might have rung the Botox guy.

Conan O’Brien Blepharoplasty Procedure

Conan O'Brien Plastic Surgery (2)

Some people would seek blepharoplasty in the case of eyelid deformities while others seek it for aesthetic purposes. In this case, Conan O’Brien might have sought this service to clear the eye bags that sag around the eyes when one starts to age. He doesn’t have any and the skin around his eyes lacks wrinkles too.

Conan O’Brien Facelift Procedure

Conan O'Brien Plastic Surgery (3)

The evidence that the facelift procedure too was carried on him is that if you compare his earlier photos labeled before with the recent one labeled after, you will notice his face skin is very tight. This is a compliment procedure to the Botox Shots to ensure that wrinkles will never show up.

After all his procedures were successful and no one would get bored while he is on the screen. He is charming and interesting to watch and listen to.

Do you think Conan O’Brien might deny these procedures that are so conspicuous?


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