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Jamie Lee Curtis is an American author and an actress born on 22/11/1958. she has been in the production industry since 1978 when she started her first Halloween horror movie. She has earned her respect for achieving several nominations of best actress and winning Golden Globe Award for best actress.

Eye Lift Surgery

Jamie Lee Curtis disclosed that her problems emerged due to the culture that in Hollywood one should remain ‘young’ thus motivating her to get the surgery.  She also says that she decided to have her first plastic surgery after the cameraman declined to shoot the video due to the developing bags under her eyes when she was 35 year. Ooh, i bet this was one of the hardest moment of her life. After the surgery, she was put on medical prescription which led her to become an addict to painkillers such that she could break into her sister’s room and steal them. She exposed this through her letter that she intended to send her sister though she didn’t send.

Botox Shots

If you think her experience with plastic surgery had a positive impact on her life you must be wrong. Miss Jamie Lust to remain young and attractive was seem to be curtailed by her constant complaining about her thighs, tummy, eyes back and big breasts as she puts it. Does she manifest her negative feelings toward the surgery by saying ” I have done it all, I have had a little plastic surgery, I have had a little lipo, I have had a little Botox, and you know what? None of it works. None of it”
Meanwhile, Jamie has successfully accomplished much and currently she works as a volunteer counselor on drugs campaigns highlighting all consequences of shame one might undergo towards the process of reformation

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  1. I am sure she did it out of pleasure.I am not sure though.

  2. This is seriously beautiful. She is so appealing. Omg

  3. Who cares who does what. I would like to ask her whether she reversed her date of birth lol

  4. Smoky sexy and young, the eyelid surgery opened up the sweet eyes. Nice job Jamie

  5. Everyone is worried of getting wrinkles. She looks good. Who doubts this. Beautiful Jamie is unstoppable

  6. I am her gre fan but I would have loved it when she ages gracefully.

  7. Everything Jamie does falls in place. I am impressed

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