Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery

Jenny McCarthy is a popular American actress who is known for her courage in life. She of the most flexible person who is also a comedian and a television host. She successfully hosted Single Out from 1995-1997. She is also an autism activist since she also has a child with autism.

Jenny is in her 40s and she looks stunning. She is not like other celebs who will go on and deny plastic surgery allegations. She is outspoken and cares less about how the people will judge her opinion including being against childhood vaccination which she believes can cause autism.

Jenny McCarthy
Surgeries Botox shots and Nose job
Age Born on 1th of November 1972
BMI 19
Body Fat
Weight 121 lb
Height 5 ft, 7 in
Waist 24 in
Bra 42D
Skin Color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery

Are you curious what she might have confessed to her face? As you compare her before and after photos, you will see what plastic surgery can do especially when it comes to hiding the aging signs.

Jenny McCarthy is a Botox lover

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Botox injections are the favorite of aging celebs who hate to imagine that they can get wrinkles on the cute face. The process involves getting filler under the face’s skin to make it look rejuvenated and young. The fillers should be injected with care as they can cause future damage which can result in blindness.

When Botox is done carefully, it brings nice and desirable effects. Jenny McCarthy confessed her love for Botox shots. This is a rare confession from celebs as they all deny it even when the evidence is all over the media with their changed face.

You don’t expect a woman to be over 40 years and yet have a smooth and flawless skin. Unless you are showing with the good genes and uses the best genuine anti-aging products in the market.

Jenny said that she has severally used Botox shot and she loves the way she looks. Truly, she is very young looking although some fans feel like she has overdone it.

Yes, Botox works magic but only when done in moderation. One should not do one before the previous one wears out. The patience exercised determines the success of the process.

Jenny McCarthy Nose Job

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To compliment a youthful look, most celebs will not leave out the nose job. The process which involves changing the size and reshaping the nose can change how one looks. Mostly, the youthful look can be enhanced using the nose job.

If you compare Jenny’s previous nose size in the before photo and the after photo, you will notice that her current nose has a pretty tip and a narrow bridge. This has contributed greatly to her new look. She looks cool.

Although all people are entitled to their opinion, what do you think about Jenny’s nose job? Was it botched, or a good job done?


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