Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

Nancy Grace Plastic Surgery - before and after

As a popular woman in the United States, Nancy Pelosi is an amazing lady. She has worked hard to get her way up the ladder of politics such that she is the leader of the minority of the House of Representative. This is the highest seat a woman has achieved, and she deserves to be very proud of it.

She is subjected to appearing in cameras now and then and she has a reason to look good. Her age is 77 years old and you can’t point out that confidently. She looks as if she is in her early 60s. What could be the secret?

Nancy Pelosi
Surgeries Facelift, Eyelid and Botox shots
Age Born on 16th of Mach 1940
BMI 21.2
Body Fat
Weight 112 lb
Height 5 ft, 1 in
Waist 26 in
Bra 42D
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Nancy Pelosi Botox Shots

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

The greatest secret of all aging people has over years been Botox injections. The procedure has become very cheap and affordable in the market. Nancy Pelosi seems to have gone for not one Botox procedure but several. At her age, it is not easy to spot a woman without wrinkles or laugh lines.

Unfortunately, despite her high political class, she seems careless of the best surgeon in the market. If you doubt this, then why is her face bloated? She has a bumpy skin on the face as if the fillers were not evenly distributed.

She has achieved to iron out the aging signs, but it is clear to the whole world that she has gone for plastic surgery. She should have at least gone slow and moderate on Botox. She would be confusing us whether she has the good gene or what?

Nancy Pelosi had a Facelift

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery (2)

It is good to look ever smart and young. Sometimes when the mission to remain young is overdone, it becomes boring. Sometimes, Nancy Pelosi seems to forget that she is aging, and she should leave the political temperature to the youths who should feel the heat.

She fights to remain young day and night. The speculations that she has undergone facelift sound so true. Just compare her photos before and after the procedure. She after photo gives her a tight face that looks over smoothened. This is great results of the facelift. Her neck lacks the skin folding that announces the age of an individual.

Nancy Pelosi Eyelid Surgery

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery (3)

The rumors didn’t spare the popular politician that she had sort eyelid surgery. Whether this is true or a lie, any woman at the age of Nancy Pelosi would show tired sagging eye bags around the eyes.

The eyelid surgery would also act to make her eyes look more awake since eyelids’ skin tends to sag around the eye making the vision a problem. I wish she can only clear the air if she had this surgery too.

Anyway, life is too short to live looking a 100-year-old when in your mind you are still very young. They said, as one thinketh so they are. Who doubts Nancy Pelosi had plastic surgery? Compare the photos and then drop a hot comment below.


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