Amy Mathews Plastic Surgery

Her role in the “Homes and Away” in the Australian TV made her famous and on the screens most of the times. The speculations about Amy Mathews’ plastic surgery are unconfirmed as she has not confirmed she has undergone any plastic surgery.

The photos that were taken earlier while compared to current photos suggest some procedures were carried out. Unfortunately, they were not carried the right way as she looks beautiful in her old photos.

Amy Mathews
Surgeries Facelift, Nose job and Botox shots
Age Born on 29th of March 1979
BMI 22.3
LBM 103.6 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.06427
Weight 138.9 lb
Height 5 ft, 6 in
Waist 26 in
Bra 34B
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel

Amy Mathews Plastic Surgery

Amy Mathews Facelift

  • Facelift procedure effect on Amy Mathews forehead is minimal as she already didn’t have any noticeable forehead lines
  • Less signs of aging are making Amy look younger
  • Better facial fat distribution after plastic surgery
  • She appears to have her brows slightly lifted
  • Lowered chances of developing wrinkles around her eyes
  • Amy’s cheeks look smoother after the plastic surgery
  • Her nose appears more symmetrical with reduced wrinkles
  • Amy has younger looking neck
  • Reduced fat under her jawline and in lower face area

Amy Mathews Plastic Surgery (2)

It is saddening that Amy Matthews is one of the examples of plastic surgeries that went wrong. Her earlier pictures have portrayed her natural beauty with a natural face skin while her current ones show otherwise. Though she didn’t confirm she has undergone a facelift and the evidence to confirm this is minimal, she currently looks nothing like herself.

Amy Mathews Botox Shots

Amy Mathews Plastic Surgery (3)

Botox injection is a procedure not to forget since it gives the young look for all the aging celebs.  Her face is smooth and lacks wrinkles just as Botox would excellently do if several injections are given to someone. That is the reason her face is all cute, flawless and tight.

She might have gone to enhance her beauty only to land into wrong hands. This is quite unfortunate.

Amy Mathews Nose Job

Amy Mathews Plastic Surgery (4)

She is also suspected to have undergone through a nose job or what is popularly known as rhinoplasty. This involves altering the size of one’s nose to suit the desired size and face shape.

In her earlier photos, her nose was a bit thick at the base with a broad ridge. She might not be in love with it and she felt like it filled her face. In reaction to this, she acquired the nose job. Even though she hasn’t confirmed this, she currently has a sharper nose at the tip which is also thinner. This gives the real suggestion that some nose job was carried out to acquire the refined nose.

Now that no one has confirmed these allegations not even Amy Mathews herself, what are your reactions after looking at her before and after photos?


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