Joan Kennedy Plastic Surgery

Joan Kennedy is an American socialite, musician, an author, and model. She was born on September 2, 1936. She was a wife to a known U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Being a wife to the senator and musician Joan had to do all she could to eliminate or prevent the wrinkles at her old age. Being a musician you have to impress and look attractive to your fans and maybe this fact motivated Joan to change her outlook.

At the age of 78, Joan Kennedy looked younger and somehow unnatural. Her face didn’t show any signs of aging and rather it was smooth and a little bit tight.  This led to the emergence of speculations that Joan could have undergone the surgery to enhance her appearance.

Joan Kennedy
Surgeries Facelift and Nose job
Age Born on 2th of September 1936
BMI 21.3
Body Fat
Weight 132 lb
Height 5 ft, 6 in
Waist 27 in
Bra 34B
Skin Color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown

Joan Kennedy Facelift

Joan Kennedy Plastic Surgery

There is nothing wrong with anyone willing to keep his/her body younger and thus Joan is not an exception. Looking at Joan’s before and after pictures, you can judge by your own whether the musician underwent through the surgeon’s knife.

The facelift is evident to her facial outlook. She looks tighter and her face doesn’t have wrinkles. Thus looking at her she appears to be smooth.

Sadly we can say the surgery didn’t bring what was expected.

Although she looks a bit tighter and smoother, plastic surgeons say that she looks a bit frozen than before. They claim that maybe she got too much of filler injection around her face and thus making her look unnatural a bit weird awfully changed.

Joan Kennedy Rhinoplasty

Joan Kennedy Plastic Surgery (2)

Apart from the facelift, the nose job is evident too. Looking at her before and after pictures, you will notice before she had a big nose that suited to her face. But after a job Joan with current smaller nose she still gets weirder

What does Joan Kennedy say about the allegations of having undergone through the knife? She has not yet given any statement about the allegations. However irrespective of confirmation or not, everyone believes her current appearance was attained through plastic surgery.

What do you believe about her appearance? Does she look like she has ever gone through the process as it’s alleged?


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