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Emma Watson Plastic Surgery

It is so great to have your life in the limelight since your childhood. Emma Watson landed her fate after her parents divorced when she was 5 years old. She was born on 15th April 1990 in Paris, France. After the parents divorced, she and her mother moved to the UK.

Here she discovered her acting talent at Stagecoach Theater Arts. At this time, she was only 6 years old. At the age of 9, she was featured in Harry Potter films where she played the character, Hermione Granger. This is just one big character among many she plays. She is just great.

Emma Watson
Surgeries Nose job and Boob job
Age Born on 15th of April 1990
BMI 19.1
LBM 104.5 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.06365
Weight 114.6 lb
Height 5 ft, 5 in
Waist 23 in
Bra 32B
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Emma Watson Plastic Surgery

Emma Watson Nose Job

  • Smoother skin around Emma nose
  • Tighter skin in mid-face area
  • Enhanced facial fat distribution
  • She has reduced folds around her nose
  • Emma Watson nose looks more symmetrical
  • Elevated cheeks giving her attractive look after rhinoplasty

Emma Watson Plastic Surgery (2)

Apart from starting her career young and winning more than 15 awards, she has really been the center of attention all along. Amazingly, she is among those who appreciate their bodies and had won #3 position in a competition of the 25 Hottest Actors who were under 25 years.

Most fans are comparing her childhood photos and her current photos to find out whether she Really had a nose job done.

Some fans feel that even though her body has undergone tremendous changes from puberty to adulthood, her nose might have been modified. The modification is suspected to be by plastic surgery. Also Emma Watson boob job was an outstanding success as her breast size has increased giving her an even more attractive look.

In her before photos, one can clearly see that her nose was a bit bulbous with some ridges. Her after photos, the nose has assumed a shaper narrow cute look. It is pointed too. It has just fitted her beautiful look.

Emma Watson Plastic Surgery (3)

The news was not warmly welcomed by Emma Watson as she denied the claims.  She confessed that she is not at her best look and it is her great wish to change to better, but plastic surgery is never in her plans.

Other fans have come to her defense that she has only come to realize which make up work for her best. That is the main reason that her face looks better and more attractive than before.

Anyway, for a celeb who has acted the whole of her life, she is worth to take any decision. People’s wishes are that nothing should be added to her face as she already looks good enough. Everything is in place.

When she is not acting, she is busy fashion modeling. This gives her all the rights to be very careful with her looks. The young beauty has a long fulfilling life ahead of her.

Do you think that Emma Watson has dialed the service number for the nose job? Don’t forget to express your opinion on this though she has not confirmed the allegations.

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  • Her nose is well shaped and clearly adds the needed charm. I still watch Harry Potter because of her role. She is just talented and this flows in her genes

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