John Travolta Plastic Surgery

John Travolta Plastic Surgery - before and after

He was born on 18th February 1954. John Travolta was just a great gift to the world and New Jersey being his town of birth must have been so proud of him.  He became very popular after starring in the 1970’s movies like Pulp Fiction, Look Who’s Talking and Face/Off. This placed him on the international map of fame.

Being a Hollywood actor is not easy for him to avoid the peer influence around him on plastic surgery. Most actors have visited the knife guy to change one or two features of their bodies. For instance, most celebrities will go to change the size and the shape of their nose.

The celebs that want to keep their fame till there is old visit the surgeon to get off aging signs. John Travolta has been in the limelight due to his acting talent. He is now approaching 54 and won’t love to bore the fans at any moment. Though he has not admitted whether he has gone for plastic surgery, there are different reasons that make people confirm it themselves that he must have dialed the cosmetic surgery service number.

John Travolta
Surgeries Facelift, Botox shots and Hair implant
Age Born on 18th of February 1958
BMI 27.4
Body Fat
Weight 214 lb
Height 6 ft, 2 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue

John Travolta Botox and Facelift

John Travolta Plastic Surgery

The fact that as one age continue to get much experience in whatever he or does is a good addition to everyone’s career. But the fact that aging signs don’t respect which carrier the individual is can be saddening.  Actors and models have a hard time to keep their youthful look but thanks to plastic surgery procedure this is achievable.

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John Travolta is guessed to have gone for Botox procedure and facelift severally. Some fans feel like he has overdone it and that is the reason behind the plastic look. At his age, he could be showing signs of sagging skins, especially around his eyes and lines while he has none.

This is a great way to prove that he had Botox shots which smoothens the wrinkles and laugh lines. They give the smooth feel that is seen in his after photos.

The facelift procedure is also undeniable because his skin looks tightened. The fact that Botox and facelift also compliment each other is a good guess that he had both.

Despite him denying these allegations, he has a hard time convincing his fans that he didn’t use these procedures.

John Travolta Hair Implant

John Travolta Plastic Surgery (2)

It is saddening to realize that you have the genes that cause balding. To make the matter worse, if you recall what your Biology teacher said some of these genes show up at a certain age. Surely, the balding can make you appear very aged and children will give you due respect by calling you, grandpa.

This can’t be warmly welcomed by aging celebrity like John Travolta who is still active on the screens. So, he decided to get some assistance to hide the bald. Hair implants saved his day by hiding the balded areas.

The keen fans say that in an event he appeared on 2014 which was an Oscar Award ceremony, they noted a plastic-like hair implant that he wore. Only those who had not seen him as wrong wouldn’t have noticed this was an implant.

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Generally, John Travolta looks great although he looks like he over-used the plastic surgery procedure making him lose his facial expressions.


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