Jessica Liu Plastic Surgery

Jessica Liu is the stage name for a Malaysian actress and Singer who makes everyone in the audience have goosebumps due to her beauty. When youngsters are having role models because of their talents, Jessica Liu is a role model to most youths and women due to her talent and beauty. Did I say beauty? Yes, she is one of the most admired women worldwide by both men and women.

There are some weird rumors that her beauty is assisted beauty though since her early age we knew her as a beauty queen. Some fans and rumor mongers are spreading the rumors that she had several surgeries done to make her look this gorgeous.

Jessica Liu Plastic Surgery

Jessica Liu
Surgeries Nose job and Botox shots
Age Born on 13th of February 1979
BMI 16.7
Body Fat
Weight 110 lb
Height 5 ft, 8 in
Waist 24 in
Bra 34B
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

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Jessica Liu Nose Job

Jessica Liu Plastic Surgery (3)

When most celebs were scrutinized, most of them had gone for one procedure or two to look better or younger. The nose job is one of the most sort plastic surgery. While others seek it to shape it or make it to a better size, others do the nose job to make them look younger.

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Jessica might be one of the many celebs who has sought for this procedure. She seems not to be comfortable with her natural nose. It is clear that when you keenly compare her before and after photos, something has been done to her nose.

Her earlier nose had some wide opening that made it look widely opened. She could not have liked the nose until she got the idea and time to visit the knife guy. She must be very specific as she does this as her current nose looked pinched and very thin. It is very cool for her cute face. It has made her look younger and rejuvenated.

Jessica Liu Botox Injection

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It is very clear that as one age, the aging marks and signs start to show up. This is not welcomed nicely by any celebrity especially in the world of acting and singing. The signs are enough to traumatize the individual to a level of affecting her performance on stage.


Jessica Liu must have been so keen to her look as she might have noted the aging signs showing and took some drastic measures. The prominent solution she could have undertaken might have been to visit the Botox surgeon.

She looks chubby cheeked and very smooth like a lady who is in her 20s. This is not easy without the help of Botox shot. Luckily for her, she did it in moderation and made her look young.

Do you think Jessica Liu might deny these rumors?


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