Miley Cyrus Butt Implants

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Miley Cyrus is not just an ordinary celeb. She is one of the few celebs who has created a name for themselves and they have gone up the ladder as an American singer, actress, and a songwriter.  She started playing small roles since her childhood in TV series such as Doc and the Big Fish.

She was born in 1992 in Tennessee as a daughter of a country singer. Her real mane is Destiny Hope Cyrus. The parents believed she was destined to achieve great things as she was born with some defects.

Currently, she has hit the rumors and gossip headline news with a decision she made that shocked the fans. It is not yet clear whether Miley Cyrus decided to go for plastic surgery to enhance her look. Let’s dig deeper into this.

Miley Cyrus Butt Implant

When a celeb who is an actress or a singer appears in a function or on stage, the fans and the haters are always ready to applaud or criticize their look. Most ladies’ celebs are very sensitive when it comes to anything to do with their looks. Miley Cyrus is a victim of body shaming at an event she attended.

She had an electrifying performance at the MTV VMA awards which no one would predict that that would be her turning point. She twerked on the stage and the fans had everything o enjoy apart from those who were viewing her butt in 3-D angle.

Miley Cyrus received an unexpected response from the fans who made fun of her small butt which they compared with that of a chicken. There was a daring fan who went ahead and photoshopped a photo of Miley Cyrus’ butt alongside that of a chicken. What a tragedy?

Miley Cyrus must have been touched deeply by the criticism and decided to take a reasonable step. It is clear when you look at her photo before and after that, she must have visited the plastic surgery guy.

Out of blues, Miley Cyrus has acquired this rounded booty which every man would like to get a twerk from her. She dramatically changed to another sweet shape that leaves every man satisfied with an eye candy.

Apparently, Miley Cyrus is yet to clarify this even after an ugly incident at a certain night show where one of her butts fell off when she was on stage and she had to be taken to the nearby hospital to prevent further damage.

What is your opinion? Can butts grow overnight?

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  1. What is faker than this butt? It looks exaggerated

  2. The chicken butt transformed to Kardashians butt

  3. The fans can make someone do crazy things. Look what Miley had to do. So pathetic

  4. I love the story that the butts fell of the stage when she was twerking. ops

  5. Deadly measures to curb shame. I hate the fake butt

  6. Very exaggerated and overrated look

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