Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery

Emma Rigby was born on September 26, 1989 in St. Hellens, Merseyside, England, UK. She is popular in United Kingdom for her role in Hollyoaks. Her well-known role is that of Hanna Ashworth as a schoolgirl. In 2008, she received an award for the Best British Actress at the British Soap Awards. She has also starred in Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, Endless Love, The Counselor, The Physician and Demons Never Die.

Emma Rigby
Surgeries Facelift, Boob job and Botox shots
Age Born on 26th of September 1989
BMI 22.2
LBM 86 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.06489
Weight 119 lb
Height 5 ft, 5 in
Waist 25 in
Bra 42E
Skin Color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery (After Surgery)

Emma Rigby Facelift

  • Reduced facial sagging
  • Youthful look after the plastic surgery
  • Emma Rigby Facial fat looks more balanced
  • Brow lift effect was minimal as Emma Rigby had no signs of aging or wrinkles in her upper face area
  • Tighter forehead skin
  • Slightly lower eyelids
  • She has less sagging skin in mid face area
  • Emma Rigby cheeks were elevated after her plastic surgery
  • She has less creases around her nose (minimal)
  • Emma lower face looks smoother
  • Less loose skin in Emma’s jawline area
  • She has tighter neck skin after the surgery

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery (2)

She looks good, but if you observe keenly, you will notice her looks has changed. Her past and recent photos can confirm that she has faced surgery to improve her looks. One of her changed body features is her lips.

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery (3)

During Disney/ ABC Sumer 2013 TCA Press Tour in Los Angeles, Emma Rigby made an impact by getting lippy and also showed off her pout. Her big lips evidenced on her recent pictures.

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery (4)

If you examine the photos more keenly, it seems she had a Botox job to make the procedure smooth and flawless. The procedure conducted around the chin, cheeks and lips by injecting fillers.

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery (5)

It also rumored that she went through breast enlargement at the age of 23 years old. Below is her picture before and after in bikini as she flaunts her sexy and curvy body.

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery (6)

One can notice the difference in size of her breasts.

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery - Before and After

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery – Before and After

Emma’s facial skin looks smoother after the plastic surgery giving her a youthful and attractive look.

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery (7)

She has tighter skin in her upper, middle and lower face.

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery (8)Emma Rigby face after plastic surgery without makeup for accurate evaluation of the results.

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery (9)

Emma Rigby Plastic Surgery (After Surgery – Without Makeup)

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  • Her boobs job is perfect, but now will she be able to maintain the new surgery by the time she is 45- 50 years. I hope she will still be making good money so that she can keep up the good work.

  • Sexy lips, we love you Emma Rigby and i love watching your soap opera. I want to have the same lips, but all the lip balms i use end up being disappointed. What is the secret?

    • Oh pleeheze, you do NOT want to copy these lips. Someone did her a huge disservice. Her lips were beautiful before. They could have enhanced them without making them look THIS fake. Her hope is that injectables last for maybe a year. The top lip should never be as large or larger that your lower lip. Unless you are black, in which case, God has clearly blessed them. White gals should always follow the 1/3 (top lip) to 2/3rds (bottom lip) rule to look full yet natural.

  • Sexy, i want to know the secret behind your pout. Did you use lip balm or you went through surgery to be lippy and sexy?

  • You were so much prettier before the lip injections. Now your lips are bizarre. You had such a cute smile before. Can you have the botox removed?
    I’m not trying to be mean. You are a pretty girl . . . naturally.

  • I’m watching a Cinderella Christmas and distracted by those lips don’t look right. Sure enough I look Emma up and Botox. Then I saw the before. Oh my gosh so much prettier before

  • Her lips look horrible. Makes her look so ridiculous and it’s even worse watching her talk. It’s so cringey! Definitely more beautiful natural…

  • I’m guessing she wanted the lips on her face to match the look of her…
    So sad her insecurities run so deep she’d get such exaggerated fillers. Meat flap mouth. Mournful.

  • Emma is beautiful, lip surgery or not. And if she’s anything like the actress she portrays, she’s beautiful inside as well. Don’t judge a person by their looks and decisions. No one knows what pressures she’s under to maintain appearances in her line of work. Respect her for the amazing woman she is.

  • I think Emma is a beautiful girl, but like others, I wish she’d have not had those surgeries….. and especially those lips! her lips were perfect- too bad she did not see herself through our eyes. One of my favorite Christmas Movies is Cinderella Christmas but I find her (duck) lips to be a big distraction, especially toward the end when they kissed. Shame, I hope those lips can be toned down a bit because she is really pretty otherwise.

  • It’s beyond me why someone would do that to their lips.. It’s very unattractive.. You can spot it every time.. Please girls, don’t do it!!

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