Beyonce Nose Job

Beyoncé is all a famous celebrity who is known in the whole world for her beauty and musical talent. She is one of the most looked upon the artist in R&B genre. She broke away from the singing group she used to be in and produced her albums which sells like hot cake.

I am yet to meet one person who doesn’t sing her songs every time they play. Having beauty and talent is incredibly nice because it has placed Beyoncé on the top of the world. The media and fans are currently in her case that she has done several plastic surgeries including liposuction, breast augmentation, and the nose job. Concentrating on the nose job alone, the speculations are not yet to be confirmed as some experts think otherwise.

Beyonce Giselle Knowles
Surgeries Nose job
Age Born on 4th of September 1981
BMI 19.4
LBM 101.9 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.07021
Weight 123.5 lb
Height 5 ft, 7 in
Waist 26 in
Bra 32C
Skin Color Black (Caramel)
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown

Beyonce Nose Job

Beyoncé Nose Procedure

The fans and media people have followed keenly on the current look that Beyonce’s nose has assumed. The photos were taken 5 years ago and the current photos show a clear difference of her nose. Rumors have it that she must have been under the knife for the current look.

Some experts have been interviewed one of them being Dr. Jason Hamilton who doesn’t think Beyoncé had a nose job.

Beyonce Nose Job (1)

Despite some fans expressing the growth difference that can affect the nose as one advance in age, Dr. Jason says that he feels that the cameraman is to blame for the angle of the photo. The angle unto which a photo is taken, the lighting plus the stage setting could totally change one’s look. The makeup too can change her look. The expert tries to convince the fans that Beyoncé may have done nothing to her face only the photos make her look different.

What Beyonce Photos Show

Beyonce Nose Job (3)

The photos that were taken several years ago and the most recent photos really speak aloud the differences between them. Initially, the beauty diva and musician had a wider nose with very rounded tip. Now her current photos the nose assumes a pointier tip and a narrower bridge.

Beyonce Nose Job (4)

Despite the expert trying to convince the fans that makeup, lighting and the angle of the cameras at the time of these photos could be different, the doubts left behind surpasses these allegations. After all, the celebs are doing it, do you think Beyoncé could be left behind?


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