Maria Brink Plastic Surgery

Maria Brink is a popular member of the metal band At This Moment as she is the lead singer. Due to the success of the band which has played in many events and private tours, she gained a lot of popularity. Her voice and beauty are things to make you remember her in your dreams.

Despite her being born and blend beautifully, she has still felt the urge to enhance her charm. She has changed several features of her face according to the recent photos. The comparison between the before and after photos is the telltale that exposes the truth of her cosmetic surgery.

Maria Brink
Surgeries Nose job and Chin job
Age Born on 17th of December 1977
BMI 25
Body Fat
Weight 149 lb
Height 5 ft, 5 in
Waist 27 in
Bra 44DD
Skin Color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue


Maria Brink Nose Job

  • Tighter skin around Maria’s nose
  • Her nose looks more symmetrical
  • Less fold around Maria Brink nose
  • Reduced bunny lines
  • She looks younger after undergoing rhinoplasty

Maria Brink Plastic Surgery

For most of the risk takers, they go for the nose job or rhinoplasty. When they are doing so, they know the benefits of the procedure and the risks involved. Some procedures need one to have consulted about the best surgeon in town to avoid a messy job. Are you aware that some big names have been messed up and their looks changed? The nose size and shape can determine the whole face’s look.

Fortunately, Maria Brink seems to have done her homework very well. Her before photo depicts her with a broad nose that pints downwards. Well, this seems to be something of the past since the after photo here shows a different nose. Her nose appears smaller and upward facing. This is only possible at the surgeon’s place.

No one would tell that she was not comfortable with her previous nose shape and size since it fitted her well but the current one perfect. She was lucky to have been in professional hands.

Maria Brink Chin Job

Maria Brink Plastic Surgery (2)

The chin job procedure has slowly gained its popularity. It involves reshaping one’s chin to fit the desired size or shape. Most celebs that have gone for cosmetic surgery involving the face especially the nose job also choose to get chin job.

It is crucial especially for Maria Brink who had a broad chin. The current chin is well chiseled and reduced to fit her cute face. Most people will not notice the change though. Clearly in her before and after photos this is conspicuous. If you can’t spot the difference, what are friends meant for? Ask for some assistance haha.

The great news is that Maria Brink remains the most beautiful member of her band. It is possible most of her fans are lured by her charming look.


    • If you asked me, I think she looked fine before. I don’t know why people have to go through plastic surgery to alter their look in the first place? And another thing, that’s all anybody likes anymore they like people for their looks not for who they are. That’s what society is built on his looks. It’s not about personality, it’s not about what’s inside, it’s looks.

  • My words can’t describe the beauty. Her surgery was done well and no one can stop her from winning eye candy trophy

  • All celebs should line up for plastic surgery at once so that it stops being news now and then. I am out of here. Bye

  • Lol. That before picture is not Maria Brink. There are plenty of photos on the internet of her as a teenager and with her young son before she got famous. She had dark curly hair.

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