Connie Francis Plastic Surgery

Connie Francis Plastic Surgery - before and after

It is so great to have your songs hit especially in the old times. Connie Francis’ songs were always at the top chart in the 1950s and 60’s. Although she underwent one misery after another including losing her brother in a gruesome death, several divorces and so on. She started dropping down the charts although her songs still were a hit in concerts.

She is approaching the age of 77 years and when you compare her before and after photos, you will be left wondering her actual age. There is evidence all over media that she has been to the surgeon not once or twice. Other medical reports confirm that some accident happened while she was undergoing a certain plastic surgery procedure. Which procedures could she have undergone?

Connie Francis
Surgeries Nose job, Facelift
Age Born on 12th of December 1932
BMI 20.5
Body Fat
Weight 110 lb
Height 5 ft, 1 in
Waist 25 in
Bra 38B
Skin Color White
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown


Connie Francis Nose Job

Connie Francis Plastic Surgery

For all singers, their greatest asset is their voice. This is a gift from their maker that they are graced with to entertain their fans. It is not a big deal to see that some musicians are very conscious of what they eat or drink especially prior a concert. This is because any damage to their vocal codes can cost them their career.

Are you aware that the most available evidence that Connie Francis had undergone a nose job was when she lost her voice during the procedure? This is shocking and can really scare the musicians who plan to go for a nose job. It was very serious in that she had to go for classes to revive her career.

Be warned, always be very careful while choosing your surgeon as some may make you lose your only source of income.

The current nose she has is not pleasing at all which can be blamed to the surgeon who may have panicked after noticing the surgery has gone wrong.

Connie Francis Facelift Procedure

Connie Francis Plastic Surgery (2)

As usual, aging celebs will never want to pull the look of a wrinkled grandma or grandpa. They want to remain young forever and old age is only read in the National Identity cards. Ha-ha. Forget this. Anyway, for Connie Francis, it is crystal clear that she had some facelift done to her face. It is not clear whether she knew that you should wait for the old procedure to get old and then go for the service as it looks like hers was done all wrong.

The mission to do away with wrinkles was eventually achieved but in the real sense she looks plastic and no one can confirm whether she can move her face either.

What a misfortune to this great singer. All wrong things seem to have happened to her.


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