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Donny Osmond is among the most popular singers and actors in America. He has trended because of his solo music which is a long time career. He has just celebrated his 60th birthday and yet no one can guess that he has passed over 40 years.

Though his fans concentrate on the good music he sings, they are confused whether Donny Osmond just had good genes to keep him this young and charming. They are thinking that he had the following plastic surgery procedures even though he has never admitted it.

Facelift Procedure

The facelift is a plastic surgery procedure which is popular for tightening the loose skin or the sagging skin to remove wrinkles. It is used by aging celebs to maintain the youthful look.

Donny Osmond though refuses to admit this when approached with this question, his before and after photo narrates the whole story.

His face is unusually smooth for a man who is in his 6th decade. Whether he says that he keeps thanking his mother for the good genes, there is something more than genes.

Donny Osmond Botox Shots

The is another procedure that comes hand in hand with the facelift. Botox shots help to keep the skin looking young and rejuvenated. For those who are very keen on his face, they realize that his face lacks smile lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth.

He must have gone for the best surgeons in town. After all, he is known to be a man of good taste in his history. This is because he is also one of those guys who can’t wait and see their brother get away with a good girl. This sounds hilarious but at age 19, he married his wife who was his brother’s girlfriend.

He, therefore, has a good history of good choice and the plastic surgeons he hired are just as good. They dared not overdo the procedure. Donny Osmond looks just as natural as before.

He looks young and the fans will continue enjoying the nice solo music shows as long as Osmond remains young. The more he feels young the sweeter the music will flow.

Do you think his look is all because of good genes?

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  1. Donny Osmond is just a great guy. His story is just sweet to read. The plastic surgery made him look younger.

  2. Everything that Donny does is great. All incredible especially the wrinkle free face

  3. Nothing compares to Donny’s youthful look. It is all amazing and great. I am his greatest fan and I expect so much from him.

  4. The old guy at 60 and still looks as young as my boyfriend? I am impressed. Truly he landed in the best surgeon’s hands

  5. I am not sure what is not possible in this world. If someone can look younger than his age because of plastic surgery, then money is a great thing. Donny, you look differently good.

  6. I believe he just has good genes ,I am 60 and I don’t have any wrinkles,I thank my mom also

  7. Anne Mckinnon says:

    Donny Osmond never had plastic surgery. I’ve been a fan of his for over 40 years. This article is full of lies.

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