Victoria Osteen Plastic Surgery

Victoria Osteen Plastic Surgery - Before and After

The congregation in Lakewood Church is believing in the power of miracles as their pastor Victoria Osteen has remained young-looking than her actual age. The 61-year-old lady seems to have overcome the power of aging which is always against everyone’s beauty. Could she have bathed in Jordan’s rejuvenating river that cleanses people like Harman?

She has managed to attract a congregation of about 4000 attendants per week in her church. The result of this seems to be very amazing since she has managed to get herself a lavish mansion and some good looks.

Those who get it hard to believe in miracles are guessing that her looks have changed due to plastic surgery. She must have gone several different procedures which have produced some goliath good results. Looking at her before and after photos, you will actually believe that some members of this church are really good at observing. The following are the procedures she might have undergone.

Victoria Osteen
Surgeries Facelift, Chin job and Botox shots
Age Born on 28th of March 1961
BMI 21.3
LBM 113.8 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.06228
Weight 145.5 lb
Height 5 ft, 9 in
Waist 25 in
Bra 40B
Skin Color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue


Victoria Osteen Facelift Procedure

  • Victoria Osteen facial skin looks less saggy after surgery
  • She appears younger after her rejuvenation procedures
  • Reduced excess skin in Victoria’s forehead area
  • Victoria’s forehead muscles look tighter
  • Victoria Osteen less wrinkles around her eyes corners
  • Less sagging in mid-face area
  • Elevated cheeks after plastic surgery
  • Reduced Victoria’s bunny lines
  • She has less wrinkles in lower face
  • Reduced wrinkles around Victoria’s marionette lines
  • Less jawline sagging in victoria’s lower face
  • Significantly reduced signs of aging on her face

Victoria Osteen Plastic Surgery (2)

She has acquired facelift too which is an operation popular for removing unwanted wrinkles and tightens the face’s skin. It seems to have worked for her since she acquired a very smooth face with no wrinkles. This is a good accompaniment for the better young look.

Victoria Osteen Chin Job

Victoria Osteen Plastic Surgery (3)

This was not expected to be ringing in Miss Victoria’s mind as only a few popular celebrities have done it. The female celebs will rarely go for this. The most popular celeb being Jay Leno. Could she be his great fan? Victoria’s earlier chin was awkwardly broad. She has a new look which gives her a more oval chin.

The pastor seems to have a lot to do with her face. Maybe she used to spend some pretty time in front of a mirror and question the maker over her aging looks.

Victoria Osteen Botox Injections

Victoria Osteen Plastic Surgery

It is great to arise and shine with a wrinkle-free face. Miss Victoria Osteen has reached the age that wrinkles and laugh lines don’t listen to positive heart any longer. In this case, the wrinkles are hard to hide and won’t listen to what your heart believes in. Actually, she seems to have known the secret to avoiding the old look.

The injection ensures the skin maintains the young look for longer though you keep getting it as times goes by.

Was this to keep the congregation more interested in preaching or was it to maintain the ‘miss’ title for longer? Who knows? Drop your comments and see your thoughts.


  • Ooh some pastors are just amazing, where on earth did the Bible characters have plastic surgery? Why confuse the members more than convince them to repent?

  • The offerings should be used to help the poor not to buy some pastors cosmetic surgery. How on earth do you then want to look good and in front of God you want to be a good servant who is “clean”

  • I am the type who dozes off in church. I won’t continue this habit if I had a sexy pastor. I would greet her after every service. What about a selfie? It is in order

    • I agree with you. That someone is a pastor or pastor’s wife doesnot mean he/she cant leave a normal life. dont forget Joel’s brother (Paul) is a medical Dr and Joel was (and i think he is still) a Realtor. I have never hear him preaching about Tithe and Offerings or fake healing unlike his Africa counterparts. One of them (African Pastors) just bought his 6yrs old daughter a Masarati. for me, that is something to talk about

  • GOD says in the Bible you can be healed and live without wrinkle, blemish or scar. The fact that we may be weak in our faith does not change the fact that the Bible does not lie; you can be healed without wrinkle, blemish or scar. It only takes FAITH in GOD!

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