Sandie Rinaldo Plastic Surgery

Sandie Rinaldo is currently one of the people on the screens that have pulled a youthful look. Plastic surgery is known to be a procedure of the celebs or the big names of a certain country and musicians.Could it be that Sandie Rinaldo has decided to follow suit?

She doesn’t fall into the category of celebs through the media is on her new look. The news all over is about her new look that makes her look like a lady in her 40s yet she is over 65 years old. She has decided to trend with the current plastic surgery for old celebrity which rejuvenates them.

There are several procedures which look like she underwent. The news is not yet confirmed from her side but from the after and before photos, one can clearly confirm that she had some good cosmetic procedure.

Sandie Rinaldo
Surgeries Facelift and Botox shots
Age Born on 16th of January 1950
BMI 19.5
LBM 99.21 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.06495
Weight 121.3 lb
Height 5 ft, 6 in
Waist 24 in
Bra 34D
Skin Color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown


Sandie Rinaldo Facelift

  • Significantly reduced excess skin
  • less wrinkles after surgery
  • Sandie Rinaldo’s appear in her 30s
  • Her cheeks look more elevated after the procedure
  • She has less wrinkles (mid-face)
  • Less sagging skin around eyes
  • Less saggy neck
  • Reduced excess fat in Sandie Rinaldo lower face

The procedure is equally popular in the current celebrity world. The aging class has found a secret to escape old age using facelift procedure.

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Sandie Rinaldo Plastic Surgery

The fact that the skin around the face sags at around the age of 50s is not a welcomed idea for the people who appear in the screens now and then. The quick solution to this is the facelift procedure which helps tighten the skin. Sandie Rinaldo must have had the facelift done to her face as the after photo depicts.

Sandie Rinaldo Botox Injections

Sandie Rinaldo Plastic Surgery (2)

To accomplish the goal of looking young and attractive, a person who chooses facelift will actually choose Botox injections which go hand in hand. The injections are very effective as they work by blocking the contracting nerves’ muscles. By so doing they prevent wrinkles from showing up no matter the age.

The after photo of Sandie Rinaldo shows a fair skin without any wrinkles. This is a bit questionable for anybody her age. No matter how best your genes could be working in your favor, this is close to impossible without some Botox Shots.

Despite all the evidence fetched from these photos, Sandie Rinaldo has not yet admitted that she has been under the knife for her good look. She has not confirmed the rumors yet. Do you think this is just rumors? Drop your comment in the comment space below.


  • I am still her fan and I won’t say she looks weird. though somehow, the nose looks longer for me but generally the work was done well

  • Tonight was the first news broadcast I have seen with the “new” Sandie. I was shocked by her look. It was obvious she had plastic surgery especially when you look at her neck with doesn’t match her smooth face. Very disappointing.

  • I was shocked when I saw her!! She has a look of perpetual wide eyed wonder. Not at all appealing to watch.

  • I believe she has had cosmetic surgery. Her eyes are a sure give away even if she doesn’t want to admit to having had any.

  • Ì love Sandie. She looks fab considering her age and being in the public eye. She looks great. Invest in yourself, mind, body and soul. God bless u

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