Zak Bagans Plastic Surgery

Being a famous and a handsome guy on the screens can make Zak Bagans very serious on his looks. He is a lead player in Ghost Adventures where he assumes the role of the lead investigator. He is simply the face of this adventure channel.

Since this is a major role, he must be really conscious of how the fans see him. Since Plastic Surgery has turned to be like one of the popular stage gowns for all the stars, hosts and celebrities, why not for Zak? This is only one of the secrets to remaining young for your fans in an everlasting way.

His before and after photos conspicuously shows a lot has been happening to Zak to look more attractive and a bit younger. Anyway, if one can afford several procedures such a nose job and face fillers, why not dive in for the service?

Zak Bagans
Surgeries Facelift and Nose job.
Age Born on 5th of April 1977
BMI 23.9
LBM 137.8 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.05659
Weight 121.3 lb
Height 6 ft, 0 in
Waist 25 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Zak Bagans Plastic Surgery

Zak Bagans Plastic Surgery (After Surgery)

Zak Bagans Facelift

  • Less sagging skin in his face
  • Zak Bagans looks more youthful
  • Less displaced fat in Zak Bagans face after the procedure
  • Looks younger after brow lift
  • Tighter muscles in Zak Bagans forehead
  • Less saggy skin in Zak Bagans midface as we can see in the pictures
  • He has less creases around his nose
  • Reduced wrinkles in Zak’s face
  • Aging signs on his face were reduced

Zak must be a daring master. To prove this, he acquired face fillers to clear the aging lines and wrinkles around his face. This process is nothing to smile about. It is very painful and one can only be happy if it is done well and the results come out excellent.

Zak Bagans Plastic Surgery (2)

Zak Bagans Nose Job

When most people may not realize a new thing with someone, it is not easy to get away with a nose job without being noticed. Most celebs who have undertaken the nose job have received the attention right away. The same happened to Zak.

Zak Bagans Plastic Surgery (3)

Previously, his nose was a bit big and wider. It seemed to occupy the whole of his face. The new look is therefore very clear that a nose job was carried out on him. His nose now behaves thinner and symmetrical. It is on point as it adds the required youthful look.

To get a professional to do it for you is also a big deal. One has to look for one who has experience and has positive testimonials that he doesn’t mess up the clients. This is because face fillers can make one look unnatural and really plastic if a mistake happens. Do you think Zak Bagans’ procedure was a success? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Oh, I am crazy with his looks. He is the best on the screen. I have no doubt he does what he does best. I am a forever fan. How I love his shows.

  • Why did he have to do all these? In fact, he was always handsome. What have wrinkles to do with good looks? I mean I don’t comprehend this. Zak will always look good no matter what.

    • Actually he hasn’t always been handsome lmao. Look up wheel of fortune las Vegas 1998 on YouTube and add zaks name to the search. He is very thin with a huge thin nose and thin face. He looks unrecognizable

  • My holidays move faster as I watch his shows. He is just talented. As for the looks, I have no much to say as the ladies have the best words.

  • He should have never had surgery on his beautiful face , nose for his breathing problem I can understand but he is no longer a good looking guy …

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