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Gold Hawn decided to serve her fans a surprise of her new look early this year when she attended the SAG Awards in Hollywood. She had changed so much that the fans noticed her struggle to smile. This lady has been on her best skin ever and one could confuse her with her daughter’s young look.

It looked as if Gold Hawn competed with her daughter Kate Hudson on who would look better than the other. She seems to know the best cosmetics to apply but her current look is beyond applying cosmetics.

When a panel of plastic surgeons was consulted, they all come up with several procedures that are evidence that Gold Hawn has undertaken several times.

The Facelift Procedure

It is important for everyone who wants to undertake plastic surgery to know which procedures would meet their goals. Gold Hawn must have chosen facelift procedure to enable her does away with deep wrinkles that may show at her age.

Her forehead clearly gives the clear tale because of the shininess and the smoothness. She has no folds and aging lines at all. Whether the genetics are playing a role or not, it is not possible to have a smooth face at the age of 66 without the help of a knife.

The Botox Injection

A wrinkled face is a nightmare to all women as it screams to the whole world that one is an aging day in day out. Gold Hawn is not the kind of a woman who would stay and wait for aging signs to catch up with her. She looks like she requested Botox shots with fat fillers.

She looks like a regular customer to Botox shot and the last time she visited the service center, she got an overdose of the shots. At the SAG Award, most fans realized that she could hardly smile. No matter how she faked it, she was unable to give the usual smile.

This is a sign of overdone fillers especially around the cheeks and below the eyelids. Some experts have just advised her to go slow or rather stop plastic surgery procedure.

What is your opinion of the puffy frozen face of Gold Hawn?

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  1. No way. This woman should retire and age gracefully

  2. Why should an old woman overdo plastic surgery like Goldie. I m not sure who she is any more

  3. Plastic all plastic. Stop this dear Goldie

  4. I am just about to say do whatever you want before you go 6 feet under. But proceed with moderation dear

  5. She is forcing her smile but she has managed to kill the aging signs successfully. Not bad

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