Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

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Kimberly Kardashian is an American reality television personality. She was born on October 21, 1980, at Los Angeles, California.  Her popularity emanated from different platform including leaked sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J. apart from being a Television Personality Kim Kardashian is a socialite, actress, model, and businesswoman.

Has Kim Kardashian ever had the plastic like some other socialites? Is his look permanently natural? According to Kim’s PR team, she has never undergone any kind of surgery. This can be opposed by how frequent Kim Kardashian changes her facial outlook and not to forget her butts.

Speculations have always emerged over whether Kim has had plastic surgery. To clear these doubts you can have a look at her before and after pictures. Make some comparisons between her prior boobs and later boobs.  Yeah, she is a model and we all know what it takes to be a model. You must have at least something to show. Plastic surgery experts weighing the possibilities had a 50-50 possibility of her undergoing the surgery.

Butts Lift

Looking at Kim at close range you will realize that the lady is blessed with big and well-rounded butts that she displays at its glory. Kim Kardashian declined the rumors that she implanted buttocks even by showing x-rays as a proof.

Rumors from professionals have it that Kardashian used the Brazilian butt lift to build her bum.   Brazilian butt lift is the procedure whereby fat is taken from other parts of the body and injected into the buttocks to form the intended figure. This is seemed to bring some senses.

However, Kim Kardashian says that her larger butts are due to cortisone injections she received after she became pregnant twice.

Breast augmentation

Observing her boobs you will see that they are enlarging as she grows old. Though there were no speculations so far anybody could tell by just a look. According to professionals, Kim Kardashian uses shaping injections on her breasts and butts and that’s why they are always full to their best.

Whether Kim performed the surgery or no she is currently at her best delivering her best to her fans.

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  1. This can’t be rumors. Kim Kardashian is capable of anything to look hot. Anyway, she is.

  2. Mamacita must look good. I am always waiting to see what else Kim has done. She is my favorite celeb

  3. I hope she has not denied the rumors as I am not yet sure if one can grow that big on one part

  4. This is an amazing look. I know she enjoys twerking. Can she twerk for me maybe

  5. Kim has drama all over. Now, this? She looks good like never before

  6. I will seek the but job courtesy of Kim’s nice bump. Looks good and the surgeon was serious on this one

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