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Jill Marie Jones is one great and successful celeb who has been several TV shows and popular movies. In 2000-2008, she was on the popular TV show Girlfriend. This was a great achievement in her career. She is, however, playing a role in the Ash vs Evil Dead with other popular casts like the Bruce Campbell and Dana DE Lorenzo. You won’t believe it that the fans are already crazy about her role.

However, she is speculated to have gone for plastic surgery to enhance her looks. There are procedures she chose to undertake which worked well for her. Let’s check them.

Jill Marie had Facelift

Jill Marie is already in her early 40s. At her age, you expect to find wrinkles all over her face. Women at her age must be experiencing the phenomena of the ugly aging signs all over their face. Jill Marie has gone the knife to rejuvenate her look.

If you look closely at her photos before and after the alleged facelift, you will find it is true. Her photo before shows a lady with a fleshy face. Her photo after shows her face skin tight and very smooth. This can only be because of the facelift.

The facelift tightens the skin in a way that the wrinkles are ironed out and the claw feet can no longer show. However, the job must be done by an experienced plastic surgeon because if It is botched, you will remain looking plastic. In the case of Jill Marie, the job was well done, and she achieved the best results.


The essential part of rhinoplasty procedure is to make one achieve the desired shape of the nose. A well-shaped nose brings the good look on the whole face. When you compare Jill Marie Jones’ nose before the nose job, you will find she had a crude nose.

The after photo shows her nose looking modified and very smart. She has attained a slimmer bridge of the nose, and a little bit pinched nose. She looks different and beautiful. The nose job too was done nicely by an expert which made her look prettier and very young.

Always, when you look for a plastic surgeon, go for the one with experience to achieve the best results just like Jill Marie Jones.

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  1. Jill marie is my sweet celeb her current nose nicely modeled

  2. She always impress in all means

  3. I am always her number one fan. She is beautiful isn’t

  4. She has done well her nose hob says it all

  5. I am here to congratulate you on the new look

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