John Kerry Plastic Surgery

It seems not only showbiz stars who want to cling to their youthful looks, but politicians too have interest in improving their appearance. This is an interesting topic on plastic surgery especially when a politician is involved. John Kerry is an American Diplomat, Democratic Politician and former Senator who became more popular in 2004 when he vied for president in United States.

Some of the rumours about Kerry’s plastic surgery include Botox injection, nose job (Rhinoplasty), facelift, chin surgery, facial fillers, blow lift and eye work also known as Blespharoplasty.

John Kerry
Surgeries Facelift, Chin job, Brow job, Nose job and Botox shots
Age Born on 11th of December 1934
BMI 23.1
LBM 149.9 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
Weight 191.8 lb
Height 6 ft, 5 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Gray
Eye color Blue

John Kerry Facelift rumours

  • John Kerry has less sagging skin after the surgery
  • He definitely looks younger after facial rejuvenation
  • Less wrinkles in his forehead
  • Tighter forehead area for less wrinkles
  • Less eye sagging which gave him a younger look
  • Less sagging midface
  • He has slightly less creases around his nose
  • Less sagging skin in lower face and neck

Facelift is one of the most popular plastic surgeries done by celebrities in United States. John Kerry has never accepted he underwent through the knife to have a facelift. However, his before and after photos confirm he had a plastic surgery. He appears younger than before, his face looks lifted and less sunken. However, this does not automatically confirm that Kerry has undergone a facial lift.

John Kerry Plastic Surgery (2)

John Kerry Botox rumours

Botox surgery has helped many look younger than their real age. His fans confirm stiffness on the left side of his face. This could be a side effect of Botox overdose which cause face inflexibility. But on his photos we cant see signs of Botox overdose, hence we take botox procedure as rumours.

John Kerry Chin surgery rumours

It is hard to tell if John Kerry has undergone chin surgery becausr since young he had a defined chin. A person who has undergone chin augmentation takes long to recover. This may confirm the rumours about Kerry’s chin implant surgery as not true.

John Kerry Brow lift

John Kerry Plastic Surgery

To perfect his eyework procedure, it seems Kerry underwent brow lift. This confirms the reason why his brows no longer droop like before and he has a smooth forehead.

John Kerry Nosejob

John Kerry’s before and after pictures confirm reduction in size of his nose. The nose also appears smooth.

Although Kerry has never accepted plastic surgery romours, it is noticeable that he has definitely gone under the knife to refine his looks.


  • I thought only celebrities face the knife to look good on their TV shows and music videos. It seems Donald Trumph will have one soon especially when seeking second term in office.

  • I dont see much difference. I think age is still catching up with him or he forgot plastic surgery needs to be maintained. But, he needs one after a long political career.

  • Look at Obama now, he has aged and lookd old compared to January 20, 2008 when he started his first term ass the 44th president of United States. I believe John Kerry deserves a plastic surgery to refine his looks after presidential campaign and political career stress.

  • He looks good at 73 years. It does’t matter whether he had a plastic surgery or not. We live once and it is good to do all that we can when we are still alive.

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