Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery (6)

Jennifer Lopez is one of the famous American famous actresses who also sings, is a judge at the famous American Idol popular TV show. She is a film producer and a sexy dancer too.  Not many celebs will be able to multi-task like this and yet succeed in everything excellently. She is one of a kind and has gathered more fans for herself including on social media.

Talking of social media, it was not an easy day for a certain plastic surgery doctor who took it to Twitter and wrote that Jennifer Lopez had some plastic surgery. Jennifer didn’t hesitate to reject these claims and she wrote back that she has never been under the knife and her beauty is all natural enhanced by makeup. But what exact procedures was she being accused of having?

Jennifer Lopez
Surgeries Breast implant, Butt lift and Botox shots
Age Born on 24th of July 1969
BMI 23.1
Body Fat
Weight 139 lb
Height 5 ft, 8 in
Waist 26 in
Bra 34B
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Lopez Botox Injections

When her before and after photos were closely compared by experts including dermatologists, they speculated that Jenny could have undertaken some Botox shots to keep her skin subtle. At her age in the late 40s, it is not easy to find other women having a flawless skin which has no wrinkles and sagging skin.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery (2)

Jenny seems to have no signs of aging at all which can only be because of the Botox shots which use fillers to stretch the skin and prevent it from folding and forming wrinkles.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery (3)

Jennifer Lopez Butt Lift

It is obvious that you have seen Jenny on the red carpet with her sexy designed dresses. Her figure is one very cool and her body so sexy and appealing. She is more than some models that are out there. She is a mother of two and incases she says she didn’t have any butt lift, she must be using something else.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery (4)

One can not guarantee that it is possible to improve your butt shape with time as you age. For women who have given birth to 2 children, they can confess that this is not easy even with exercise at this age. The keen observers also say that earlier, her body appeared sagging especially at the butts at boobs which improved at once.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery (5)

Jennifer Lopez Breast Implants

Sincerely, Jenny is great at acting in movies and Hollywood is not a joke when it comes to how one looks. If you want to succeed in Hollywood movies you must look excellent which prompts us to ask the question whether Jenny had to do some boot job to fit in.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery (6)

After being a mother of 2 one won’t expect the boobs to be as perky and firm as Jenny’s appear. If she denies that she has never been under the knife, then what is she using? Some push up bras?

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  • I still can’t believe that J-lo’s beauty is fading away and now she is using plastic surgery. I loved her natural look

  • I would have asked her the secret to remaining that young. She still looks so young. I am her fan to the moon and back

  • Her Botox was perfectly done. I love it as it was not overdone. I am still waiting for her to continue looking young forever. Can’t imagine Jenny with wrinkles

  • Look who is here. This woman is my eye candy. So cute and sexy. Woh hottest woman on this planet. You will never age

  • All beautiful women should be like Jenny. Her genes are in control of her beauty. Nothing like plastic surgery here

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