Whitney Houston Plastic Surgery

It feels great to listen to sweet music from a great singer, right? Whitney Houston songs are still most of the people’s favorite. They bring the mood back and keep one entertained. But how sad that she is no more and nowhere to give us new trendy emotional songs.

It is touching to learn that after her tragic death in a bathtub, there is a report that exposed much that the fans didn’t know about. The issue on drug use didn’t get most of the fans unaware as most celebs are speculated to be in this dirty influence.

The Coroners report was clear that Whitney Houston had several procedures that were exposed after her death.

Whitney Houston
Surgeries Breast Augmentation, Liposuction and Tummy tuck
Age Born on 9th of August 1963
BMI 21.9
Body Fat
Weight 122 lb
Height 5 ft, 6 in
Waist 22 in
Bra 38C
Skin Color Caramel
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Whitney Houston Breast Augmentation

Whitney Houston Plastic Surgery

The fact that aging brings about sagging skin and wrinkles, it is very disturbing to popular celebs. Putting in mind that chest area is the pride of every beauty, Whitney had considered getting the breast augmentation if not a breast lift.

The evidence was in the Coroner’s report that exposed scars in her chest area. They appeared like those that one gets after a plastic surgery procedure.

Whitney Houston Liposuction Procedure

Whitney Houston Plastic Surgery (2)

Although lip job shows very little scars, the Coroner’s report showed that Whitney had visited the knife guy for some sexy lips that made her look so cool. Some of this secret was too deep that no fan speculated this.

In conjunction with the lip job, she was exposed to using dentures. Ooh my, how many knew of this secret. You couldn’t tell that her sweetest smile was thanks to the support of dentures.

Whitney Houston Tummy Tuck

Whitney Houston Plastic Surgery (3)

It was nice that Whitney had a great body that made her look so sexy on stage. She was in great shape and no one would put her off or talk ill of her shape despite her age of 44. She had undergone some tummy tuck procedure which left some scars on her too.

It was no longer a secret after her death that she had secrets that she was ready to take to her grave though the autopsy was too loud. It exposed it all. Including some facts such as her hair was all fake and it turned out to be a wig.

Surely, it is possible to have plastic surgery, and no one notices about it as it was done by great surgeons. I wonder how the media writers and rumor mongers didn’t know about it before Whitney’s death? Any comment? Drop them in the space below. They are important.


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