Melissa Grelo Plastic Surgery

Melissa Grelo is a great star who has been known for her prominent role in “The Social”. This is a Canadian Version of the show popularly known as The View. She is incredibly known to be very beautiful and most fans admit it.

It doesn’t appear as if it is the first time she is having plastic surgery as her beauty keeps changing. It is great to enhance beauty even when you know you are beautiful. Melissa seems to have gone further to make herself look better than her mirror reflects. The evidence that she dialed the plastic surgery’s doctor number for the service is evident in her before and after photos.

Melissa Grelo
Surgeries Facelift, Nose job and Botox shots
Age Born on 30th of July 1977
BMI 22.8
LBM 101.6 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.06153
Weight 136.7 lb
Height 5 ft, 6 in
Waist 25 in
Bra 34D
Skin Color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue

Melissa Grelo Plastic Surgery

Melissa Grelo Nose job

While it is a popular procedure, the nose job is done to adjust the size of the nose. The procedure is a bit sensitive as the nose shape can alter the whole look of a person. The doctors are therefore required by the client to be a bit keen while performing the procedure.

Unfortunately, some celebs have fallen into wrong doctor’s hands and their looks altered completely. Melissa’s nose has some evidence that it was under the knife because of the current ridge it has acquired. Her previous nose size was small while the current one displays a plastic look.

Melissa Grelo Plastic Surgery (2)

Melissa Grelo Facelift

  • Tighter skin making Melissa Grelo looks younger
  • Melissa Grelo looks attractive after her facial rejuvenation procedure
  • Elevated cheeks after plastic surgery
  • Her brows are lifted which reduced fat and wrinkles in upper face area
  • Less sagging around Melissa’s eyes
  • Her mid-face looks smoother
  • Reduced bunny lines around her nose
  • Less overall wrinkles in Melissa Grelo lower face
  • Tighter skin from mouth corners to chin
  • She has less fat in lower face area
  • Less displaced fat under her jawline
  • Melissa Grelo neck skin is tighter after plastic surgery

Melissa Grelo Plastic Surgery (3)

Melissa Grelo Botox Injections

Melissa Grelo Plastic Surgery (4)

Despite her age, Melisa Grelo is still having a very youthful look. Her face has the charm and beauty that seem unnatural at her age. Though she has not confirmed it, she refused that she has had facelift which gives her a very tight and wrinkle-free skin on the face. The fans are still doubting if genes are this of this beauty.

Melissa Grelo Plastic Surgery (5)

The new photos are very clear that some Botox injections were administered to her. Her face has a unique fullness that keeps her youthful. The skin around the eye and the lips are now tightened and no wrinkles that are showing.

Melissa Grelo Plastic Surgery (6)

The fans are still loving the way she looks as she has maintained the cham. She still looks great on the screens and they never miss a show.

Whether Melissa admits it or not that she had some plastic surgery, she must have acquired a good doctor who offers some great. She is just fantastic. Who doubts this? Confirm this in the comment space below.


  • It is good to look pretty but being prettiest wont hurt. I love her current look and will always be her fan all over wherever she is.

  • The sharp nose puts me off. It looks exaggerated. I loved the way she was before surgery. I am distracted by the nose. oops

  • I think the photos would have been exchanged. She is so cute in the after photos than before. Is she aware of how incredible she looks. I am loving the doctor who carefully crafted this.

  • What would have happened if she remained with wrinkles? Would she have lost fans or get a demotion? Why don’t people appreciate time and aging? Why on earth should you mask your age with fillers and injections?

  • I tuned into Social today after 8 months of not watching. I was very taken aback when I looked at Melissa Grelo. I actually approached my 55 inch TV to be sure I was seeing correctly. She looks so plasticized, skin is way too tight, and her new nose is seriously distracting. Lips don’t help either. She was so attractive before – why did she go and ruin her true natural beauty. Now she looks like ‘someone who has had some serious work done’ and gone overboard, instead of what she was before, which was someone who had had ‘soft’ work done, and was ‘natural’ looking. Thank you, Karleen

  • I totally agree. Quit trying to keep looking younger than you are with having or doing foreign things in your body. What message are you sending to young girls, of which she has one of her own. You are not being a good role model for anyone.

  • Mel looks amazing!!Always!!Dont think she needed surgery,she was beautiful.and has the right genes for sure!!

  • Hi Melissa,
    You & the ladies are great!& beautiful!
    The only person you have to please is yourself!
    Bottom line & end of story.
    Be happy & enjoy your little girl & your husband 😘

  • I don’t think you need to show so much skin. Are you trying to show your daughter that it is ok to go out in public half dressed. I think that the producers need to have a dress code. All the other cast members are all dressed appropriatly. Or are you too arrogant to take this comment to heart.

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