Lucy Liu Plastic Surgery

Lucy Liu who is a multi-talented celeb is trending in the celebrities who sought plastic surgery to remain youthful. She is popularly recognized for her Charlie’s Angles work where she worked with Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

She is a known occasional producer, model, and an artist too. The fans of the popular movies such as Ballistic, Kung Fu Panda and the Man with the Iron Fist among others must have known her. She had a saddening moment in 1991 when she received the bad news about a lump that was cancerous. She managed to remove it and she does charity work too.

She is also known to support the controversial gay and lesbian’s marriage where she feels that they should be legally married.

Lucy Liu Plastic Surgery

Lucy Liu
Surgeries Facelift and Botox shots
Age Born on 18th of August 1975
BMI 19.5
Body Fat
Weight 110 lb
Height 5 ft, 3 in
Waist 23 in
Bra 32B
Skin Color White
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown

Lucy Liu Botox Rumors

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Her fans and supporters are still confused on what to say about Lucy Liu’s youthful look. She is 48 years old and still looking so young. When her earlier photos were brought up for comparison, they confused the people even more.

In some earlier photos, she seems to have wrinkled face while in the recent photos, the wrinkles are nowhere to be traced. Could there be another secret to ironing the ugly aging signs? Apparently. Lucy Liu came out to clear the air.

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She said that she fears plastic surgery can be painful and instead she goes the natural way to keep herself youthful. She is the type of women who work out seriously to achieve the intended goal. She avoids coffee at all cost and drinks a lot of water.

Some scientific findings convince us that when you work out, maintain a good diet and drink plenty of water, it is very easy to maintain a smooth face.

Did Lucy Liu React?

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Lucy went on to say the way she has never tried facials and abrasions for the fear of poring the skin. She seems to be all careful about what she does.

All in all, she seems to have the good genes working for her in case the alleged Botox shots are not in use.

Only Botox will help a woman of her age achieve the smoothness that she has. It is not really confirmed even from her friends’ circles if she sought this cosmetic procedure. If at all this is not the case, she is one unique old celeb who will age gracefully.


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