Marilyn Denis Plastic Surgery

There is something interesting with aging in that you gain experience of many things. This could be about work and life too. But wait a minute, it is not interesting to lose your look and get sagging skin all over the face.

Most of the people will not agree that Marilyn Denis is at the age of 59 today. She was born in Canada on 1st July 1958. She is one of the famous personality both on television and Media too. She is a presenter along others at CHUM-FM. She has won several major awards including Viewer’s Choice Award among others.

She has gained herself a valuable net-worth over the years and receives a humongous salary as a radio presenter. Apart from being a famous radio presenter, she has also other shows she hosted before in CFCN-TV and TSN where she was a sports news and entertainment reporter.

Despite her current job as a radio presenter at 104.5 MHz CHUM-FM, she still felt the need to look beautiful as before and went for some plastic surgery. Whoever doubts the telltale of the after and before photos might be having some eyesight problems in this case. Just take a look. These are the alleged surgeries she might have undertaken even though no physical change happened.

Marilyn Denis
Surgeries Facelift and Botox shots
Age Born on 1th of July 1958
BMI 20.5
LBM 114.2 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.06605
Weight 138.9 lb
Height 5 ft, 4 in
Waist 26 in
Bra 34B
Skin Color White
Hair color Ginger
Eye color Green

Marilyn Denis Plastic Surgery

Marilyn Denis Facelift Procedure

  • Tighter facial skin after she had the rejuvenation procedure
  • Marilyn Denis looks younger
  • She has less displaced fat
  • Forehead wrinkles were removed after the plastic surgery
  • Muscles are tightened n forehead area
  • Marilyn Denis eyes corners look wrinkles free
  • Elevated mid-face skin tissue making her look younger
  • Her face look soft and smooth
  • Less saggy skin below her jawline
  • Minimal laxity in lower face

Marilyn Denis Plastic Surgery (2)

The 59-year old presenter looks stunning at her age. All her age mate may have been struggling with aging skin that sags all over their face but not herself. She knows a few secrets to give herself that smoothness that every young lady in your town has.

It is not that she drank the “reverse the time medicine” no. She simply got facelift done to her. If you check her photo after surgery, you will realize that her skin is tight with a shiny feel. This is an evidence that she got the facelift job done.

Not only was facelift done but lip augmentation too. She really knows how to rejuvenate her beauty as it could be totally awkward if this was not done. The lips currently look full and juicy compared to her previous photos. This fits in nicely with the current youthful face.

Marilyn Denis Botox Injections

Marilyn Denis Plastic Surgery (3)

As obvious, the Botox shots are never a surprise when done by an aging celeb. It is an important procedure that keeps the wrinkles nightmare a distance. It also helps with keeping the youthful look. Laugh lines and crow feet are eliminated too. The fans’ guesswork that this had been done to Marilyn Denis couldn’t be wrong.

Do you think the beautiful look she gained looks unnatural or natural?


  • Marilyn Is as old as the radio channels in Australia. I grew up listening to her voice and now she is in shows. She should look good to keep us wanting to listen more.

  • When the old look this stunning, will I ever recognize my grandmother. The skin is so smooth and shows no mark of aging. I might be passing this secret to my grandmother too. Looking nice Marily

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