Brianna Golodryga Plastic Surgery

Bianna Golodryga is one lucky lady who has worked in ABC’ Good Morning America and she hosted the famous ABC morning show. She is very lucky with jobs position as she has also worked at Yahoo news and finance. When other ladies are struggling to place get a job position, she was changing positions and earning more.

Probably her beauty and sexy look may have earned her the favor too. She is in her early 40 and yet she looks very stunning and young. She doesn’t look anything more than 25 years old. Her natural beauty has refused to go away, and fans have started to wonder what good genes could be doing magic. Probably she visited the knife guy for several procedures.

Brianna Golodryga
Surgeries Facelift and Botox shots
Age Born on 18th of June 1975
BMI 19.8
Body Fat
Weight 119 lb
Height 5 ft, 5 in
Waist 22 in
Bra 34A
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel

Bianna Golodryga Facelift

Brianna Golodryga Plastic Surgery

When you look at her earlier photos then you compare them with the current ones, you will need to be very keen to note the differences or the similarity. Her after photo, bearing in mind that she is 40 years has a smooth face.

Her flawless skin, especially without wrinkles or aging lines, leaves everyone wondering the secret behind her look. Only the facelift procedure that would achieve this. The procedure is now very popular and wouldn’t know how she could avoid the influence to go for it.

Brianna Golodryga Plastic Surgery (2)

The age marks are nowhere on her face since the skin is tightened and they lack the loose skin to show on. Her forehead looks extra shiny and smooth in a unique way that leaves the whole face looking very young.

Brianna Golodryga Botox Injections

Brianna Golodryga Plastic Surgery (3)

Botox injections or shots are a long-term for a fresh and young look. If a client seeks for it once, they must keep coming back for more though in moderation. If Botox is overdone, one may look puffy and unable to move the face and therefore erase all the facial expressions.

Bianna Golodryga seems to have fallen into the perfect professional hands that enabled her to look great. She had her fillers injected in a rather careful way that gave her moderately fuller cheeks and sweet smooth skin.

She is one of the lucky clients who got their procedures right although she has not confirmed them. What do you think about Bianna’s youthful look?


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