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Emma Watson Plastic Surgery Boob Job

For a star who rose to fame during her tender age of 6, it is possible to attract attention with any little change with her body. Emma Watson is a beautiful celeb, actor, and activist who is very lucky to maintain her childhood look to adulthood. She is just but the best example of a child actress who grew up to be very famous.

  • Increased boob size
  • It looks more attractive after the surgery
  • Emma’s breast appears more symmetrical
  • Boost in Emma’s self confidence
  • Her breast looks smoother
  • Youthful appearance after the boob job

Emma Watson Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Emma Watson Boob Job

Of course, it was her dreams to be a great actress which she has achieved. The only thing that the fans and media journalist seem not understand is that her body has changed over time. In a female, the science behind body growth and development manifest very clearly. Could this be the cause of the rumors that Emma has gone under the knife for a boob job?

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Looking at her before and after photos, they tell more about these allegations. Her bra size is known to be 32B which sounds too big for her breast size. Well, all celebs who wish to increase their sexual figure, breast is the main area they focus on.

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It is not clear if Watson doubted her body since she is among the beautiful most actors. She might have chosen to go down this added beauty road.

In response to this, Emma Watson had to say that she has recently added some body weight which has led to her breast to increase in size.


  • Hey Writers, I did not expect to get Emma in this speculations. For peace sake, I don’t think sh did some boob job. She is just growing to a sexy lady. If you doubt it, look at your pictures after adolescence and prove me wrong. I love you Emma

  • I wanna be a celeb for sure, why on earth do you have to write even someones bra size? This is petty. Is it to prove that she had some silicone implants at the breast. You guys keep off Emma Watson. She has all she deserves; beauty

  • She is the best in the acting industry already. How many of you are leaving their childhood dreams? Not even you WRITER. Haha Emma is just one lady that my children should read about. She is a role model

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