Mercedes Edison Plastic Surgery

Mercedes Edison is an American top model and “DJ” who is known for her charming beauty. Her role in the world of modeling has made her very famous as she has appeared in many scenes especially in the big name tattoo magazines.

As usual, most famous celebs always get some critics from their audience. Mercedes is thought to have sought some surgeons help to clear some of her body imperfections. Normally, as a model, she must ensure that her body is the best looking in the market to help her land deals.

There are two surgeries that she is alleged to have done to improve her looks. This is ever since she started being a model.

Mercedes Edison
Surgeries Lip job and Nose job
Age Born on 21th of October 1990
BMI 21.9
LBM 101.6 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.0666
Weight 134.5 lb
Height 5 ft, 5 in
Waist 24 in
Bra 34B
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue

Mercedes Edison Plastic Surgery

Mercedes Edison Lip Job

  • She got bigger lips after surgery
  • Mercedes Edison lips look more attractive
  • Smoother skin around her lips
  • Mercedes’s lips look fuller

Mercedes Edison is guessed to have had a lip job which of course helped her get better opportunities in her modeling career. The before and after photos are very clear that she had some work done on her lips. This is done for many reasons one of them being to improve one’s sex appeal.

Mercedes Edison Plastic Surgery (2)

Initially, her lips seem flat and not as appealing as they are. The after photo shows her lips are fuller and looks juicy. This has really worked well with her cute face.

Mercedes Edison Plastic Surgery (3)

Mercedes Edison Nose Job

Mercedes Edison Plastic Surgery (4)

The importance of having a nose job is to get the desired nose shape. The nose shape typically contributes to the shape of the face. The surgery is very popular in the current celebrity world in that it is not easy to point out who has not undergone the nose job.

Mercedes Edison Plastic Surgery (5)

Mercedes is guessed to have undergone nose job or the so-called rhinoplasty. This is justified by her photos which when compared; they give a clear visual of the surgery. Initially, the beautiful model had a broad and flat nose. This can’t be appealing in the marketplace of the models.

Mercedes Edison Plastic Surgery (6)

She had to get under the knife to get the sharp and upright looking nose. She must have been recommended to a good surgeon who knows the job very well. She looks good on her new face and it has added to the beauty that she has.

Mercedes Edison Plastic Surgery (7)

Definitely, the new look must earn her great deals and promote her career. She is too gorgeous to be denied offers. Do you think the new look is a step forward towards her marketability?


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