John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery

John Rzeznik is a rock star who is not only famous for his popular hits but also his resilience with life. He is from a humble family and as if that is not enough he has survived a divorce. He seems to have made a bad decision of following his father’s footsteps when he fell into addiction. His father was a brutal alcoholic and John confessed he would not like to be like him. After several rehabs session, he managed to stop the alcoholism and followed his wife Melina Gallo’s advice to sober up.

One of the reasons why he could have chosen to go under the knife despite his popularity would be to scrap the ugly aging marks that come with aging and which might have been bolded by alcoholism. It is quite true that an alcoholic person looks 5 years older than his or her actual age.

John Rzeznik
Surgeries Facelift, Botox, Rhinoplasty, Jaw job and Chin job
Age Born on 5th of December 1965
BMI 20.3
Body Fat
Weight 149 lb
Height 6 ft, 0 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue

John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery

To stay in the choking competition with the younger generation in rock music, John Rzeznik might have considered it good to visit the knife guy to rejuvenate his look.  Though he has not officiated the rumors, it is evident in his before and after photos that he had the following procedures.

John Rzeznik Botox Shots

John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery (2)

The rock star is in his 50’s and not a daring person would try and guess his age. Who would imagine that a man at that age would have a flawless skin without wrinkles and crow feet? John Rzeznik has no aging signs which had been captured in his earlier photos.

It is not yet clear if wrinkles can disappear with time but are true that they can multiply with time. The opposite of wrinkles and crow feet disappearing with age is only possible with Botox fillers. To make matters worse, John seems to have overdone the procedure such that he has acquired a very plastic look.

When Botox is done without moderation it gives the person a plastic feel which makes it impossible to make facial expressions. John acquired a bloated face which has made fans to declare him unrecognizable.

John Rzeznik Rhinoplasty, Jaw Job and Chin Alignment

John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery (3)

To complement the new youthful look, John had to do a nose job. Changing his whole face makes him stay in stiff competition with the young generation since he looks young too. His nose has undergone rhinoplasty several times to fit it his desires.

It is evident that he has undergone a jaw job especially when you compare the before and after photos. He used to have a birthmark of a cleft chin which now hard to spot on his face. This could be because of repetitive Botox and jaw job. The chin job can be observed in the after photo whereby he now has a sharp pointing chin as opposed to the rounded one.

Do you feel that John Rzeznik had overdone plastic surgery?


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