Leona Lewis Nose Job

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Leon Lewis just did some plastic surgery although she didn’t admit it. She is among the most popular British singers who also participated in X singing competition. She is guessed to have enhanced her beauty by her fans who compared her current appearance with the past.
Everyone agrees that Leon is a beauty queen and she has a unique beauty. Now that her looks attract a lot of attention, the fans and media journalists guessed that she must have been under the knife like most other celebs.

Did Leon Lewis undergo Nose Job?

Some allegations that Leon had a nose job seem to be true. The celeb is not the first neither the last to have done this kind of plastic surgery. The nose job is also known as rhinoplasty is a popular procedure with most celebs.

They perform it with different intentions. Some do it to reduce the size of the nose while others do it to reshape the nose. All this is because nose shape also contributes to the beauty and the shape of the face.

It can be disheartening if the procedure is mishandled because it can totally change how one looks. It has happened to other celebs before but not to Leon Lewis.

Her nose seems to have been handled by an expert as it looks awesome. Initially, her nose had a bulbous tip and a wide ridge. It was all over the face. But have you seen her current look? Oh, she is looking good in her new shaped nose. It has a sharp tip with a slimmer ridge.

The nose just suits her beauty and adds to the charm. Despite her denying this fact, the eyes of the fans couldn’t be wrong. Do you think this unconfirmed news is a rumor or a fact even after comparing her photos? Drop your opinion in the comment box.

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  1. She is one of a kind lady who should have won the X singing competition. She is beautiful too and truly the nose seem adjusted

  2. Maybe if this was done before the X singing competition she would have sounded more appealing to the judges. haha Kidding

  3. That is a beautiful look darling. The nose is well shaped. Please confirm the allegations

  4. That is a beautiful look darling. The nose is well shaped. Please confirm the allegations

  5. If she did this for a good shape of the face, then this is in order. I am satisfied it was done well

  6. Wondering the difference between her after and before. The beauty is still the same. Am I blind?

  7. Just one question, does reshaping the nose changes the way singing voice comes out? I don’t like her singing

  8. The nose looks so artificial although it fits the nose. I wouldn’t have gone for nose job

  9. The nose job looks great, just eliminate that hideous red lipstick!!! Je ziet zoveel beter zonder!

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