Al Pacino Plastic Surgery

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Al Pacino is a well known American moviemaker and actor. He has had a career span of over 5 decades achieving more special honors and honoraries. He was born April 25th, 1940.

Al Pacino’s facelift

We all know that facelift or rhytidectomy is the procedure that corrects the signs of aging on the facial outlook of an individual ĺeaving a youthful appearance. In Al Pacino’s case, the process doesn’t seem to bear many fruits. Let’s consider him before and after facelift pictures. It’s vivid that it didn’t play the intended role but instead it gave him a unique and unnatural facial look. The puffiness around the jaw lines looks completely different from before…

Pacino’s Botox

Instead of reducing the cumulated wrinkles and aging lines it didn’t.  It is believed that Pacino’s Surgeon overdid the procedure such that the effects could barely be perceived.

Al Pacino’s blepharoplasty

As it was later noted by a Californian-based surgeon,  the facelift didn’t do well since too many fats and skin was taken from his eyelids.
Considering his before and after pictures as above, you will agree with the Californian Doctor.  He also highlighted that his surgeon didn’t have to perform the blepharoplasty on him.

Al Pacino’s Browlift

Let’s focus a bit on the later photos. We can easily observe that his brows have undergone the browlift process.  It’s also perceived that Al Pacino decided to undergo the procedure due to Panic attack that he was aging.
Nevertheless, we can’t conclude that neither Al Pacino’s surgery was unintended nor had it made him older than he was.

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  1. I think only the facelift worked well. He looks differently cool

  2. Looking cool. I am still a fan of your great work

  3. My granny is your agemate and you look very young. Can I steal the secret

  4. Plastic statute. I would recommend a moderation. You can only hide your age but someone can smell a rat

  5. The nose job is so evident.It looks fine and modernized. The surgeon was on point

  6. The date of your birth is fake or am I the one who can’t see you looking old. Fantastic

  7. No one can tell the exact age. So young and handsome. Mmh what else? You are just on point

  8. The best procedure I have seen so far. You look just natural

  9. His face surgery looks more natural than most I’ve seen on actors. But, then and now have always been a big fan.

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