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It feels great to look nice and getting to know that people want to look like you it feels even better.  Ivanka Trump has been a beautiful lady although since her childhood. There are photos that are available in the internet showing that she must have been an adorable kid who locked blonde at age of 7.

The surgeon from New York says that most of the patients who go seeking plastic surgery carry with them Ivanka photos seeking to look like her. Some want to have a nose like hers while others want to have wide cheekbones shaped like Ivanka plus large eyes.

Now that Ivanka is no longer a child, people are still wondering whether her look is just good genetics. She has had several photos that show her very different every time. Which are the possible plastic surgeries the firstborn of the President Donald Trump could have undertaken?

 Botox Injections

Being the daughter of a president can give Ivanka Trump several advantages. Apart from good security and being in the limelight, she can afford the most expensive plastic surgery in the market that can be something like $500,000. This is the best quality although they must be done by a good doctor too.

You don’t expect her to go to the backstreet surgeons since she can have the best surgeons in the US. Botox can only be the reason behind her filled face and very smooth youthful skin. The skin makes her look very young like she was in her 20’s. Her age-mates’ glory must have faded a long time ago while she is being taken back to the youthful age which every woman wants to be.

Ivanka’s Nose Job

Sometimes it is not easy to point out that Ivanka had a nose job, but one can trace back the bump that was on her nose bridge. Growing can change some features on one’s body but rarely will it change one’s nose shape.

In her before photos, it is very clear that her nose pump made her unique and no one would say that it didn’t fit her nose. The nose didn’t look narrow too. In her recent photos, the bump of the nose is no more, and the nose looks slender and more pinched. It has greatly contributed to her youthful look.

Some people think that it is the position of the photo plus different camera lighting that made her nose appear different. Doubts continue to flow in our minds until the president’s daughter comes out, to tell the truth.

Apparently, people like Tiffany who were interviewed by the show the “Botched” will continue having surgery more than 13 times to look like Ivanka while no one wants to look like her father Donald.

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  1. She doesn’t have to confirm this. We are not blind. She had some job done but nice job

  2. I still can’t understand this cute breed originated from my president. Ivanka you are a queen ..

  3. She is a beautiful lady born of by ugly daddy. Go do all the plastic surgery. You can happily afford

  4. She has always been beautiful do you have to accuse her of plastic surgery?

  5. She deserves the attention including these accusations. Ivanka is always in the limelight and she is so beautiful

  6. She has done the best plastic surgery ever if at all she did. She looks great I wanna look like her too.

  7. So she went from a 9.5 to a 10? Honestly she didn’t even need the surgery, but she does look fantastic either way.

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