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Bruce Campbell is an American writer, actor, producer, comedian, and director.  He was born on June 22, 1958. He is well known for the great achievement that he has made. He is well known for acting Evil Dead movies.  His facial changes began to be noticeable when he returned as Ash.

Chin augmentation

Chin job is the surgery that is done on one’s chin to either enhance or reshape the size of the chin. What might be the cause of Bruce Campbell chin augmentation? Since Bruce is an actor maybe it’s to maintain his young look and hence attract the attention of his fans.  Many Hollywood producers have undergone this process too hence Bruce is not an option.  Looking at Bruce’s chin now, it looks a bit defined than before. This is the odd feature that raised allegations of him having done some job on it to enhance his look. It suggests that, since he knew his chin was his trademark he could not relent of refiguring it into it best appearance.  The current chin shape causes balance in his facial outlook.

Botox shots and facelift

What is the secret behind Bruce Campbell young looking face at his old years?  It’s also noticeable that Bruce’s eyes and mouth had changes too that could imply much on Botox injections.  If in doubt you can as well look at his before and later pictures.  You can notice the tightness of his skin and how youthful he looks at the age of 56 years.

These looks do not come out of anywhere rather they come from some surgical procedures that are paid for. Nevertheless, these are just but speculations. The question arises whether Bruce performed facelift too. This is because the changes did not cover the whole face like he had undergone the full blow facelift processes.

The augmentation is seeming to work since Bruce Campbell has successfully maintained his look and did not get any deformations as it happens to some celebrities. With or without confirmations of the rumors it’s evident that Bruce passed through the surgeon’s knife as it is well defined by his before and after pictures.

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  1. Botox, very evident. Looking fine though I don’t like it when one hides wrinkles. Let them announce your age.

  2. Botox, very evident. Looking fine though I don’t like it when one hides wrinkles. Let them announce your age.

  3. I was not sure that this is the same person here. He looks better in the after photo. Didn’t know plastic surgery really works

  4. Seriously,plastic surgery does wonder. This is unbeliavble. The guy looks so young

  5. I will never recommend plastic surgery especially Botox as some people end up looking as if they have layers of skin

  6. No wonder most young people end up marrying young looking old men. HhHaaha Bruce you are cool

  7. The guy looks smoky and fine. Very youthful look

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