Darcey Bussell Nose Job

Darcey Bussel Andrea is a Ballerina of English origin and center of attention on the dance floor for her role in the BBC’s reality TV Show Strictly Come Dancing. She also came under limelight for reason entirely new, which is her visit to the plastic surgeon’s office. Many people were curious after noticing the difference of her nose appearance. Plastic surgery is known to be a phenomenon that is popular among most celebs all over the globe, however, a number of celebs are unable to draw the line where they should and turn out looking totally different.

She underwent through nose job, which is known as Rhinoplasty. Her earlier photographs show her old smaller nose with a blunt edge, but recent photos show her nose completely different with much narrower. The nose bones seem they have been removed to create a sharper nose. It seems Rhinoplasty has done her more than good because she looks quite stunning after the surgery. Her face is more youthful and sharper compared to her earlier appearance which was too blunt due to her nose. Now her nose is perfectly well with her face making it another attractive feature besides her perfect moves on the dance floor.

At a recent interview she said she feels like a middle-aged woman when she looks on the mirror. She said looking after herself is one of her first priorities and she uses a lot of facial and body oils, and products that prevent any damage to look fresher instead of tired. Darcey Bussel says that many people have complemented her nose and told her she looks younger than she was which is good for stage.


  • Darcey Bussel she looks young and beautiful, i can’t believe she is 48 yrs old. I like her new look. All the best to her and her family.

  • Gorgeous and perfect nose job, sometime back i noticed some changes. She is younger and above all more beautiful. Mwaah!!!!

  • I want a nose job too. The Plastic Surgeon took his/ her time to perfect the look. Darcey Bussel looks great than before and am always glued on the screen watching her moves and new appearance.

  • Kudos Darcey Bussel your looks more appealing, you are more beautiful and proud of as one of your fan.

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