Tommy Morrison Breast Implants

Tommy Morrison was a heavyweight champion at the at WBO. He was known of several misconducts in the ring though this doesn’t stop him from being famous for various other reasons. Among them being tested for HIV several times and the results were sometimes negative while other times they read positive.

His status is none of our business as this piece of writing is to inform you of a plastic surgery plastic Tommy might have undertaken. Plastic surgery is a trendy topic, but it has never closed my mind that boxers would be interested unless they want their teeth replaced or a broken face born.

Tommy Morrison
Surgeries Breast
Age Born on 2th of January 1969
BMI 35.4
Body Fat
Weight 276 lb
Height 6 ft, 2 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown

Tommy Morrison Breast Implants

Tommy surprisingly seems to have sought a popular procedure done by women. Which is it?

Tommy Morrison Breast

While women seek breast implant to look sexy and acquire a full figure, it is not clear why a man would go looking for breast implants. The issue is confusing while some fans say that his current enlarged breasts are a side effect of the steroids. This is a drug used to enlarge muscles and make one look masculine.

Tommy Morrison Breast Implants (2)

When Tommy’s arms are lifted after winning, one can clearly see that his chest is solid and immobile. The breasts seem to be in place unlike what happens when a woman lifts her hand. The breast size of a natural chest will reduce in size in such a situation.

The reason why the breast size won’t reduce in size is that breast implants are not attached to the chest ligaments. This makes them immobile when the arms are lifted.

Tommy Morrison Breast Implants (3)

Plastic Surgeons explains that Tommy’s Breasts has pecs implants that are causing this hardened chest look. When you compare his photos before and after you will notice the implants are real. Although Tommy is yet to confirm these allegations which confuses the fans more.

Do you believe that Tommy has been under the knife or is simply steroids?


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