Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

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Jennifer Aniston is an American actress, film producer, and business person. She was born on February 11, 1969, at California. She acts as a protagonist in the romantic and comedy movies she acted. She has a beauty of no comparison. In 2011 she was voted the sexiest woman of all time by men’s health magazine readers. What’s her secret behind her beauty at her age?


Jennifer’s awesome look obvious comes at a price.  Some of the alleged rumors have been confirmed true by Jennifer and hence left in the hands of the readers to decide and make the final judgment. In an interview with O’Brien, Conan Jennifer revealed that had gone into extremes to keep her youthful appearance. “I became obsessed with laser porn, I did this thing called like, a peel,” said Jennifer. “It’s extremely intense you don’t realize you look like a battered burn victim for a week and then it just kind of falloff.” Given that she admitted of the facial peel we can now comfortably assume that Botox’s injections are a reality

Chin implant

When asked, doctor Rey said, “without having treated her myself, I’m convinced she’s had an old chin implant.”

Looking at her current pictures you will realize how beautiful and pretty she looks. In her, after picture, she has a squarer nose compared to before. This led to the rumors that Jennifer had performed the chin surgery.

However, some other pictures suggest that her chin shape is brought about by either camera angles or the aging process. They also say that her chin is beautiful and natural not because of the alleged cosmetic surgery procedures. Once again the ball is on the reader side to lay their opinions too.

Jennifer Aniston breast implant

It’s evident that Jennifer performed a boob augmentation too. If you look at her before and after chest picture, you will realize that before she had nothing to be proud of. Her chest was close to being flat. Looking at after, you will see that now her cleavages are visible and clear. Ooh, if you look at her most pictures you will realize her nipples are always exposed. But let’s not focus mostly on nipple talks.Her surgery was a successful one since it left her with natural facial outlook and retained her young look.Will Jennifer continue with the procedures? Maybe maybe not.

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  1. She was not that bad. She looks better though. Well done job

  2. Let me look at those nip***s I thought it was them which were being made pointed. Lol

  3. Won’t mind undergoing the same procedure if it makes my boobs look this appealing

  4. She can’t deny she had the job done. And the job was done excellently

  5. Beautiful body and a charming look. Plastic surgery should be for all girls

  6. She doesn’t look like she had any Botox. So natural and cute look.

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