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It is good to be in a group of people you simply identify with, but it takes extra effort to stand out. Cynthia Bailey is one of the Real Housewives cast who is very beautiful. Her secret to beauty is attributed to plastic surgery.

She is clear to her fans that she had a procedure done on her though there is a suspicion that she has not admitted having done some other procedures. The fact that she is this charming at 50’s, one may not actually point out her exact age.

The lady must have known a secret that really worked well with her which is plastic surgery. She had several procedures which were done successfully.

The Boob Job

The only person that won’t be able to point out the differences in Cynthia Bailey’s chest before and after should be sent for an eye checkup. Who would doubt that Cynthia has acquired something to be proud of? The big boobs must be the ones that catch the fans attention as they look fuller and perky.

Not forgetting that they have added her sexy full figure, the new enlarged boobs are just hot. She is among the lucky few who have had their boob job done well and successfully gave the desired impression.

It can be sad if one ends ups with a botched boob job. You will find out that a botched boob job, can result to one having one boob larger than the other which can lead to an imbalance of the chest area.

Botox Injection

At the age of 50’s, Cynthia shows no aging signs at all. Could this be good genes or what? I doubt if the good genes could still be in control at this age.

When you keenly compare his photo before and after, you will realize that she currently has a very smooth skin. Only those who know the effects of Botox can point out that she usually has Botox shots services.

It is not easy to have a flawless skin at her age which is well maintained and very attractive. Cynthia has not come clear on the Botox issues and therefore the news is treated as unconfirmed rumors.

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  1. She don’t look herself in the after photos.

  2. She has all she needed to look beautiful. I am impressed

  3. Boobs are very perky and well shaped..Great job

  4. Dizy look but sharp chest. The surgeon were keen

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