Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Plastic Surgery

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson are American twins who are not identical although to many fans they looked identical. They used to be favorite children actress in the 1990s. Apparently, their different look can be attributed to the speculated plastic surgery they have undergone and some lifestyle too.

Although experts say that it is possible for fraternal twins to grow differently apart, this twin difference is a bit drastic and frustrating. They seem to have undergone some surgery which sadly went wrong.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Plastic Surgery

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Liquid Facelift Procedure

Which of them the liquid facelift procedure? Ashley Olsen has awkwardly chosen this procedure which is mostly done by far much aging celebs who are about 40 years and above. It is not possible to tell why a person who is shy 30 would go for such a procedure.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Plastic Surgery (2)

Actually, it turned bad and she looks very different making it very easy to tell the twins apart. The procedure uses facial fillers and fats to balance back the facial structure. Botox injections are crucial as they erase the lines after the surgery.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Plastic Surgery (3)

Sadly, the surgery seems to have backfired on Ashley which risks her health leave alone leaving her dissatisfied although this can wear off in a year.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Nose Job and Chin Implant

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Plastic Surgery (4)

Now that the twins have grown, they are free to make their independent decisions. In this case, Mary-Kate is rumored to have done nothing plastic surgery. She has been seen posing in different selfie smoking like a chimney. This may have attributed to her different look that makes her look very old nothing like someone in her 20s. This has been rubber stamped by Wonderwall.

The opinion was given by Mark Gray also says that the nose job and chin implant she underwent makes her look “mannish”. He says that her jawline is more pronounced with a bony projection plus a bushier eyebrow than her other twin Ashley. This typically makes her look much older than her age of 29.

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All the Olsons’ fans took it to the twitter to complain how bad they look and this created a storm in the social media. However, the twins have come out to turn off the heated rumors than nothing like plastic surgery or something of the sort they have done.

When they were asked why they had to leave acting, they said it was something of their past and they felt they had to try something different.They are now into design and fashion which is their passion too. Although their wardrobe still isn’t of the best taste in the industry and in the eyes of their fans, they are still very courageous to consider themselves the highest in this area of fashion.


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