Tim Allen Plastic Surgery

Aging is an enemy of beauty and no one welcomes it. Being a famous stand-up comedian and an actor, Tim Allen is loved by many who like to look things in a light way in the world of comedy. Despite him being busted transporting a good amount of cocaine in 1978, he managed to dust off and shine. He is among the few popular people who have worked toward their big name in the industry.

Tim Allen
Surgeries Facelift and Botox shots
Age Born on 13th of June 1953
BMI 25.6
LBM 125.7 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.07651
Weight 121.3 lb
Height 5 ft, 10 in
Waist 35 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Gray
Eye color Blue

Tim Allen Plastic Surgery

Why Tim Allen Always looks in his 40s

Tim Allen is at his 60’s and yet he looks very young. You may mistake him for a forty-year-old guy. His decision to reform and improve his life is visible from both physique and career. The changes in his looks attracted a lot of attention and were highly debated. The odd young look of Allen made journalist and bloggers to write and post his photos all over the website.

Tim Allen Plastic Surgery (2)

Take a look at his before and after photo. The changes are very conspicuous. His earlier photo will show you that he had some wrinkles concentrated around his eyes and mouth.  His after photo shows a very smooth face and a young look. You might be wondering the reason behind that youthful look. Look it out here.

Tim Allen Facelift

  • Reduced loose skin
  • 40s Youthful look
  • Enhanced fat distribution in Tim Allen face
  • Brow lift giving and even more younger look
  • Tightened muscle in Tim Allen forehead
  • Less sagging skin
  • Tim Allen cheeks are elevated
  • Reduced creases around Tim Allen nose
  • Less wrinkles in his lower face area
  • Reduced sagging in Tim Allen jawline
  • Double chin aging signs reduced

Facelift which is a type of cosmetic surgery is one great way that big names use to look young. It is also popularly known as Rhytidectomy in the clinics. Tim used it to clean out the wrinkles that signaled aging around his face. The same procedure is used around the neck and can be accompanied by eyelid surgery to make one look young.

Tim Allen Plastic Surgery (3)

The wrinkles around aging eyes or that come after an overweight person lose weight can be ironed out using the facelift. It obediently does away with any sagging skin around the face and neck.

Tim Allen Botox Injections

  • Botox reduced overall wrinkles in Tim Allen face
  • Less forehead lines giving him a younger look
  • Reduction in Tim Allen drooping brow
  • Less wrinkles in his eye corners
  • Reduced Frown lines after his Botox shots
  • His chin looks smoother after the injections
  • Younger looking neck

Tim Allen Plastic Surgery (4)

In accompaniment to the facelift, Tim also acquired Botox injections. Botox is used mostly in the medical environment to treat muscular conditions. Also in cosmetology, it paralyzes the skin and removes wrinkles.  The procedure actually has no real side effects.

Tim Allen had the injection done in a moderation so as to maintain the young look forever. The star has to remain young for the eyes of his fans all year round. This was a great idea for him to remain in his career and win more hearts.


  • Tim is a great comedian that I adore. I keep rewinding his videos. I am in love with his looks. Always looking 40. Keep entertaining us Tim.

  • Very interesting. He looks young and handsome. He keeps me more interested in watching his comedy. He is also a winner of several Oscar awards. I can’t agree more. Great look

  • I had not imagined this guy who had a bad reputation could be a star. He was a bad guy several years ago and now he has blinded us using his excellent stage work and comedy. I adore him. He is always better

  • Seriously, why should a man go to all heights for good looks? I am a man who would not encourage this. A man is described by his actions not looks. I am ashamed of that action Tim. Looking younger won’t make you prolong your life.

    • These look the same the before and after!
      Both show much plastic surgery …the eyes the most.
      Eye jobs especially when males get it …not all but many it feminizes them.
      Think Kenney Rodger’s…who agrees after how he messed up his face. Tim didn’t go far though but it’s obvious.. I’m not against getting things done but men look slightly odder then women with faceLifts…a little rough look is rather more appealing then feminizing jobs done too often.
      I do not know much about this tv star…wasn’t into the show…saw maybe one time.

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