Kourtney Kardashian Plastic Surgery

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Kourtney Kardashian is a beauty that all head turn around to look at. As it is all the Kardashians weakness, no one in this family has not undergone plastic surgery to enhance their beauty even though they were born beautiful.

Kourtney is known for confessing to having undergone her earliest procedure while in college. Apparently, the rumors have it that she regrets her move then. Are you curious which plastic surgery she admitted having undergone plus several others she did?

Kourtney Kardashian Boob Job

The most admired part of the woman body is the boob. Kourtney had the clue and she didn’t hesitate to seek plastic surgery to make them larger. The idea is to increase the sexiness of her body. It was done but some reliable sources have the news that Kourtney is dissatisfied since she realized that she must redo them later.

Botox Shots

Kourtney Kardashian is naturally beautiful, and no one can go against this statement. Apparently, she is in her late 30’s and yet no wrinkles or crow feet around her face. She has a smooth baby face which appears tight too.

The allegations that she might have had Botox shots with fillers to iron the wrinkles are proving true. When you compare her before and after photos, you will witness the tightness of her skin without a struggle.

Kourtney’s Nose Job

The nose job has become a very common procedure everywhere and by all celebs and famous politicians. It is not possible to find a celeb who fear to get the signs of old age who has not done a nose job. This is because it adds to the wholeness of the face beauty.

When you compare Kourtney’s current nose, you will notice that the crooked nose is a history. She now has a modern nose which is straightened and very well shaped.

Lip Job and Other Procedures

Kourtney’s lips look fuller than usual. This can only be thanks to dermal fillers. Her lips are now juicier and kissable.

The rumors are in the air that Kourtney might have undergone cheekbone alignment and fillers were added to her eyes too. In addition, she is also suspected to have done a chin job to crown the beauty. She is indeed a beauty. What is your thought on the numerous procedure Kourtney Kardashian had to undertake?

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  1. Kourtney is capable of anything. She can change all things in her body

  2. Has nothing to complain about I am used to kourtney dramas. She looks good though

  3. I am not sure what on earth She can’t do, height surgery lol

  4. The seriousnes in this is that she looks hooot. Very hooot

  5. Kourtneu knows what works for her

  6. The perky boobs makes a good cleavage

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