Jim Palmer Plastic Surgery

The lovers of baseball must have known Jim Palmer since he is very honored in Baltimore Orioles where he played for MLB FOR 19 years. For sure, this is just enough time to be put in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was given this honor in 1990.

Due to the respect, he gained during this time, he is very famous and looked upon as legend by many young players as right now he is in his 70s. All human beings have a weakness especially when they are in the world of fame. They become celebs and they hate looking old out of fashion.

To maintain the youthful look, they end up looking for the most common solution to have plastic surgery. In the case of Jim, they are several procedures he seems to have gone for though most fans feel like he overdid it.

Jim Palmer
Surgeries Facelift and Nose job
Age Born on 15th of October 1945
BMI 24.5
Body Fat
Weight 196 lb
Height 6 ft, 3 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery

Jim Palmer Facelift

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The only reason that Jim Palmer would be speculated to have gone to the surgeon for a facelift is that he has a very smooth face. At his age, he could be struggling with signs of aging which include fines lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Jim has nothing close to aging signs which could be eliminated by the effects of the facelift. However, some fans feel like his facelift was overdone and makes him look Gumby. Some say that he has a plastic feel on his face. On the contrary, others feel like he is a good example of good plastic surgery.

Jim Palmer Nose Job

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It is a common plastic surgery procedure by both young and old celebs, the rich and the politicians. The nose job also called the rhinoplasty is a procedure which involves reshaping one’s nose to the desired shape. Most of the people seek this procedure to try and improve their look especially while young. The old buddies seek it to complement other facial procedures that make them look young.

When one compares Jim Palmers’ nose in before and after photos above, you will notice that he initially had a small nose that seemed stuck to the face. On the after photo, the nose has a different shape. It looks longer and sharp at the tip which makes him look awesome.

He is now supposed to come clean on these procedures so that fans can stop speculating any longer. Isn’t?


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