Anushka Sharma Lip Job

Anushka Sharma is a great Bollywood actress who is just interesting to watch and read about. She is such a beauty if she can win the heart of the Vogue such that she had the chance to grace the cover. This is quite an achievement and every other celebs’ day in day out dream.

Apparently, she is not trending because of the beautiful cover page of the Vogue magazine but for another worthy to discuss the topic. The media and the fans are all over writing and tweeting that the beautiful actress has gone under the knife for a certain procedure.

The hot debate and rumor made Sharma come out clean to clarify what exactly happened to her. What exactly is this writing about?

Anushka Sharma
Surgeries Lip job
Age Born on 1th of May 1988
BMI 18.6
Body Fat
Weight 126 lb
Height 5 ft, 9 in
Waist 24 in
Bra 40C
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel

Anushka Sharma Lip Job

Anushka Sharma lip Job

It is important to know that almost every celeb in the industry right now has gone under the knife. Some have gone willingly while others have gone out of influence and pressure. The lip job is common with the female celebs who usually try to improve their sex appeal by acquiring fuller lips.

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To attain this is sometimes temporary possible by using non-intrusive methods such as make-up. This then must be done by an exemplary good artist to achieve this.

The question which was on everyone’s mind was whether Sharma had chosen the best artist or was she under the knife? Her lips especially the upper lip looked like she had bitten it after a bad fall on a hard ground. It was unusually fuller, and the keen fans could not stop tweeting and creating hilarious memes out of this observation.

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What Anushka Had to Say

Those who know the temporary lip enhancer should confirm it that it can make someone’s lips look permanently altered. If so, how long can one use this method? Sharma confirmed that she used it to suit in a character she was playing in a film by the label Bombay Velvet. She was assigned the role of a jazz singer who was performing in the 60s-70s.

Anushka Sharma Lip Job (3)

This was the role that made her go for the big unproportionable lips which left everyone wondering how awful was the singer. She confirmed to the fans that she has not undergone any plastic surgery and what she had was temporary and within several months she will be fine. She also said that all her fans should know that she is human and not perfect.

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Confused? Someone entangle for the confused fellows who are divided whether Anushka Sharma had a real lip job done. Of course, the before and after photos are just available for this purpose.


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